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Friday, 23 March 2018

Brief Encounters with Addison Jazz at 7:30pm

Our club veteran Jane is a member of Addision Jazz Choir.  She and her choir are performing at St Paul's Church Covent Garden.  She has asked me to post this invitation on her behalf.  The event is a part of Brandenburg Choral Festival of London.

Ticket £18, (£5 for under 16) from the box office (link here).  However, if you buy from a choir member, it will be £11.   Please contact Jane for discounted tickets.  


Anonymous said...

Jane, Thanks for the invitation. For the discounted ticket, how do I contact you? Is there a group meet-up before the concert? If so, where and when?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting this event Lucilla.

am most grateful .

To anonymous. I am acquiring one extra ticket tonight ie cut price . If you let me know your name I can put it in an envellope for you and leave it for you to collect one the door.



Anonymous said...
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