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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Sunday Walk: Harlington Circular

Harlington Circular SWC walk 230
17.3 km 10.7 miles. Toughness 4/10
This walk takes us over a northern outcrop of the Chilterns, following the John Bunyan Trail across the Sundon Hills and the Sharpenhoe Clappers. Bunyan, the author of Pilgrims Progress, was a native of of these parts.
After lunch in Pulloxhill, the alternative ending returns us to Harlington past Bunyan’s Oak, where he used to preach.
(Days are still a little too short for the full walk to Flitwick but there is an 11.9 mile version using shortcuts 1 and 2, if you prefer. This stops at a different lunch pub.)
Trains Get the Thameslink (Bedford direction) from Blackfriars at 9:54 or St Pancras at 10:04. (This train stops at a number of stations on its way through London including East Croydon 9:17 and Kentish Town 10:08). Arrives Harlington at 11:02.
Return from Harlington, at xx:20 & xx:50.
A return to Harlington will do for the circular. A return to Flitwick, further along, costs no more and covers both endings. (Trains return from Flitwick at xx:16, & xx:46.)
For the circular, The Cross Keys, Pulloxhill, (01525 712 442).
If heading for Flitwick via the shortcuts, The Chequers (01525 712 967) or The Bell (01525 712 511) both in Westoning.
Harlington has two pubs: The Carpenters Arms (01525 872 384) and The Old Sun (01525 877 330)
See text for pubs in Flitwick.
Walk Directions here.
The circular walk uses the “alternative ending in Harlington”.

1 comment:

PeteB said...

A small but very select group on this walk, lets call them the pre-fab n=4 , set out in fine sunny weather which soon deteriotated. During the day it was w=sunny-then-cloud-then-sleet so a fairly typical February.
As a winter option this walk variation is a bit of a curate's egg: the lovely and dry ridge trails across the Sundon Hills and the Sharpenhoe Clappers balanced by the "Hertfordshire slog" across waterlogged fields and "claggy" arable land plus a slippy and steep stepped descent where you have to take care.) (One 500m slog across a field in the afternoon left your boots weighing about 4 times their weight. Still all good for building stamina!)

Three of us had brought sandwiches but we all popped into the Cross Keys which was packed and had a drink and crisps before the short 3.2m afternoon stretch which frankly is a bit dull. Having done one before the options to Flitwick would make excellent autumn choices.
We got back to catch a 4.20 fast train and here I must congratulate my companions on their post walk boot cleaning whilst waiting for the train. I was my usual muddied oaf self whilst the others all looked as though they could go on to a night at the theatre. Excellent work which I need to try to emulate!