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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Wadhurst circular

CW2 18 Wadhurst circular
Length: 19 km (11.8 miles).
Toughness: 4/10

Catch the 9:15 from London Charing Cross (Waterloo East 9:18 London Bridge 9:24) arrives Wadhurst 10:19.

Longer walk option: Wadhurst to Robertsbridge 34.5 km (21.4 miles). After leaving the shorter Wadhurst walk, this longer walk heads north to go around the Northern side of Bewl Water, to follow the peaceful Sussex Border path, with a potential drop out point at Etchingham (cuts 4.5km) and into Robertsbridge. Walking at a faster pace allow 8 hours for the 34km walk. Although likely to finish in the dark the last 5km are straightforward for those used to night time walking. Bring a torch.

Buy a day return to Robertsbridge for this longer walk option.

Return trains from Wadhurst xx:00 xx:29 17:59 xx:29 xx:59 19:29 xx:29 until 22:29

Return trains from Robertsbridge xx:14 xx:44 19:14 xx:14 until 22:14 T=2.18


DAC said...

Intend going.

Anonymous said...

Walking this weekend - taking the 9:45am train from london.

branchline said...

Am thinking of possibly walking to Etchingham rather than Robertsbridge. Trains back to London are: 16.18, 17.18, 17.48, 18.18, 18.48.

David said...

n=12 walkers set out from Wadhurst on an w=overcast_and_increasingly_wet day. Progress was slow over the muddy, slippery terrain and it took the best part of 2½ hours to cover the five miles to the Rose & Crown at Mayfield, the recommended lunch stop. With a further six miles to walk after lunch, and the rain starting to set in, I decided to press on alone after I'd eaten my sandwiches, so I'll leave it to other walkers to provide lunch and tea information. Fortunately, the afternoon terrain was easier going, though it still took me three hours to get back to Wadhurst station. One of the other walkers made it back in time to catch the same train as me back to London. At a drier, warmer time of year, this would be an excellent walk to build up stamina, since there are plenty of ups and downs.

Ian T said...

2 slower walkers stopped briefly at the Rose and Crown to replenish fluids but did not eat. Made it to Wadhurst Station for 5:45, having skipped the tea stop. No sign of the Middle House massive.

tartanrug said...

Five went to the Middle House for lunch and were seen boarding a bus for RTW mid-afternoon. Lunch was good.