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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sunday Walk: Saunderton Circular via Lacey Green (or on to Princes Risborough)

Saunderton Circular via Lacey Green
Book 2 walk 2 + extra download
13.25 km.  8.25 miles approx
You got two choices today, a short walk looping back to Saunderton station (8.25 miles), or a short walk ending in Princes Risborough (8.1 miles).
The first choice, a hybrid of the Saunderton via Bledlow and Saunderton to Princes Risborough walks, doesn’t visit either Bledlow or Princes Risborough. You follow the alternative directions along the east side of the Saunderton valley to lunch in Lacey Green. Later, you join the shorter version of the main walk for the return to Saunderton along the west side. This combination is not exactly rocket science but you will need the connecting information below. (After the scientific-looking rocket).
The second choice, finishing in Princes Risborough, also involves both sets of instructions but you follow them as intended, remembering to follow the Princes Risborough directions from Bledlow.
Trains: Get the 10:13 Aylesbury train from Marylebone arriving Saunderton 10:53.
Return from Saunderton at xx:50.
A return to Princes Risborough is only a few pence more than one to Saunderton and covers both endings.
If you decide to finish in Princes Risborough, trains return from there at xx:20 and xx:45.
Lunch: The Whip in Lacey Green  01844 344060. Phoning suggested. The Whip has a good choice of beer, some unusual ciders, and last time, people seemed happy with their food. You reach here a little early, about 12. I considered a later train but reckoned you'd rather get round before dark.
The Boot 01494 481499  is a later alternative for the circular walk. A bit too late, some say. They serve food 12-6.
Anyone deciding on the Princes Risborough ending has another late option, the Lions of Bledlow 01844 343345, serving till 3.
Tea: The Golden Cross pub does tea, cakes, and stuff and is handy for Saunderton station. It’s on the main road, just past the station turn-in.
The Bird in Hand pub is not far from Princes Risborough station (at 47 Station Road). The "stay on the road" directions take you there. I don't think they do tea.
Directions: available here.
You need two sets of directions:
  • the main book 2 walk (on the “download walk” button), and
  • the alternative walk (on the ”finish in Princes Risborough” button. - note that this also includes the alternative start).
Start with the alternative directions (titled Saunderton to Princes Risborough). After lunch in Lacey Green, continue with these directions until they join the main (book 2) walk. This is just before point [3] in the main walk's  text.
Now, pay attention!        


  • To follow the short walk back to Saunderton, at point [3] itself, (literally the next gate), switch to the short walk directions at the end of the main walk text (i.e. turn left along a bridleway instead of going straight on through the “kissing gate with a three-armed signpost”).
  • To head for Princes Risborough, you do go through that kissing gate and follow the main walk on into Bledlow, where you switch back to the Princes Risborough ending. T=2.2.hybrid 


David Colver said...

Saunderton to Princes Risborough via Lacey Green, 14 Jan 2018

Just n=1 on this w=dull day, though there was a group of four that I didn't recognise as regulars, keeping ardently to itself and following the same route almost as far as Lacey Green.

Perhaps people were put off by the need to assemble the walk from passages in three different instructions.

The Whip in Lacey Green served a huge portion of roast chicken for a lower than average price, but even at noon only fitted me in, perched in the bar area, because I was alone; it implied it would not have been able to accommodate a larger group.

Back on the 1520 train, and very glad to have had a start time that was sensibly early.

Mr M Tiger said...

David, sorry to hear you were the only one. I find it difficult to describe these variants without making it all sound more complicated than it is. I'm not surprised if it deters some.There are actually only two sets of directions needed but it doesn't help that the alternative start is on a tab called "finish".I think, ideally, the two alternatives should have the relevant bits from book 2 inserted into their text so there would be no need to print both out. I guess this harks back to the days when the book was king.(And my idea for the circular isn't even an official option so doesn't have any text.)

David Colver said...

I've got the tone of this report wrong if it provoked a need to apologise in any walk poster.

Our volunteers do great service to this community and leave the world a very much better place, and I for one am grateful for all their efforts.

Mr M Tiger said...

No worries.