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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Leigh to Sevenoaks


Distance: 15km / 9m
Toughness: 5 / 10
Transport: Take the 9:39 train from London Victoria arriving in Leigh at 10:34. There is an alternative train from London Charing Cross leaving at 9:15 with a change in Tonbridge arriving in Leigh at 10:23. Those who take the CharingX train should wait for the Victoria train. Trains back from Sevenoaks are aplently. A day return to Leigh should cover the journey.

This is a lovely walk through rolling Kentish hills before lunch. After lunch the route climbs up to onto the North Downs before entering Knole Park to finish in Sevenoaks.


Anonymous said...

n=30 on this walk so I am told and the weather was w=fair
The walk was very nice as was expected of this area of Kent though two heavily ploughed dried muddy fields made it hard work for those who went across them ( I went round )
Lunch was had by about 15 of us at The White Rock Inn though one poor chap didn’t get fed as they lost his order but he got his money back and a heartfelt apology from the barman who said that after he took the order he lost it and it never reached the kitchen. Crisps seemed to make up for the shortfall and the hungry man didn’t seem too upset not hungry.
After lunch there was the long slow climb with a bit of mud but not too bad and it did blow away the relaxation of lunch just in time for ……..
Afternoon tea which was taken in the NT tea rooms at Knole house - a very nicely refurbished area though the tea and cake were as poor as ever - a few apparently had tea in Sevenoaks at the Malabar Tea room which is supposed to be very good - we will all know for next time.
Then on to Sevenoaks where the train was caught by most of us, tawdry Sevenoaks as I heard a fellow walker say - not sure why, maybe it is the Christmas lights but that should be Tawdry Great Britain then - don’t you just hate Christmas and all those interminable Christmas tunes ? - ‘ I wish it could be Christmas everyday ' - oh NO I don’t.
All the best
Audrey Humbug

Anonymous said...

I noticed a branch of \bills ha opened, opposite the theatre in Sevenoaks. It looks to be sizeable enough to cater for a large group of walkers.