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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Englands largest vineyard - Effingham Junction to Boxhill and Westhumble

Book 2 Walk 14 Effingham Junction to Boxhill and Westhumble

Length 14.3km (8.8m); toughness 5/10.

London Waterloo 09.32 (Clapham Junction 09.40) Effingham Junction 10.24
Return trains from Boxhill and Westhumble to London Victoria at xx:18 and xx:48 mins 

This lovely excursion in the Surey Hills - an area of outstanding -natural beauty - takes you through a landscape of hidden valleys, evocative woodland and gentle pastures. A highlight is a visit to Polesden Lacy a beautiful country house. You also walk through Denbies Wine Estate a huge vineyard.

See the walks page here for lunch and tea options and click on the pdf tab at the top of the page for full walk instructions.



Walker said...

A week ago Denbies Vineyard looked beautiful, the vines all yellow: an unexpected source of autumn colour. Pretty good colour on the external faces of the beeches on Ranmore Common too, though still fairly green at path level.

I did not have lunch at Polesden Lacey but it looked to have upped its food service, with a proper hot food counter, serving to 3pm. Traditionally National Trust lunches are not huge portions, which is why the pub diversion was included on this walk. The pub diversion is also perfectly pleasant scenically.

Anonymous said...

Approximately n=15 walkers on this really nice walk today. It was a perfect autumn day sunny_and_dry. Woods were dappled with autumn sunshine and carpeted with bronze leaves and the ground conditions dry. Everyone (as far as I know) had lunch at Polesden Lacey. A few made the most of the day, capping it off with an extension up Box Hill at the end.