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Sunday, 8 October 2017

A varied walk through the High Weald

SWC Walk 19 - Tunbridge Wells Circular (Main walk)

Length 19.2km (12.0m); toughness 5/10 

Trains: London Cannon Street 09.53 arriving Tunbridge Wells 10.51. (Cannon Street is on the Circle and District lines.)

Return trains to London Cannon Street at xx:09 and xx:39

This is a varied High Weald walk with stretches through parkland, restored heathland and woods containing massive sandstone outcrops, finishing alongside the Spa Valley Railway.

Click here for further details about the walk and your lunch and refreshment options. You can shorten the walk if you wish by starting from Frant. Click on the pdf tab on the walks page for full walk directions.



Anonymous said...

Intend going.

Sandy said...

I may join anonymous on this walk as I have an unexpected gap in my diary, although I'm still chuckling about the "annual rutting walk" and as it's on my doorstep I might do that one instead.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a proper walk in the countryside - Anonymous 2.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,

Long time no see or news hope you are well. Demanding Monica will be attending this walk. Hopefully see some familiar faces. been busy past 6 months.



Anonymous said...

Sorry Sandy thought you meant Tunbridge wells. Enjoy the 'rutting' season.


Anonymous said...

Anyone starting from Frant?

Anonymous said...

If anyone wishes to start at Frant perhaps they could sit in front carriage of train (second if front carriage is first class). If I attend, I may then finish the walk via Groombridge.

Sandy said...

Sorry Monica, I did mean this walk but was out late last night and haven't got up in time for the Tunbridge Wells train, so Richmond it is!

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. I am On the train at Cannon Street. Where should we meet? Look forward to it

PeteB said...

Ten off the train at Tunbridge Wells and a further three started from Frant so n=13 in all. Weather w=fine-sunny-and-dry. This excellent ramble attracted a good Sunday turnout and we enjoyed perfect walking weather. The notoriously muddy stretch just before Eridge Park was err muddy but you can walk in the heathland off to its right a lot of which has been cleared to enable you to avoid the track which bitter experience has taught me is a nightmare in winter.

Five of us had a picnic lunch under a superb oak tree on a hill just before the Nevill Crest and Gun lunch pub where we all met up for a drink. Here the group split with some lingering at the pub with at least 2 saying they were going to do the 14+ mile long walk via Groombridge. Four of us set off to complete the standard walk noting a fine Amanita muscaria in a wood along with a healthy population of spiders. We also picked some hops from a roadside bush.
Annoyingly all the Pantiles cafes closed at 4pm except one which was packed so I made do with a tea from a cafe Nero before catching the train home. A fine autumn day out.

Anonymous said...

Actually Pete 6 of us did the long walk and it turned out to be 28.5 km (16.8 miles) which we were all surprised but we all 6 thoroughly enjoyed it. Good sunny weather and hardly any mud after lunch. Expected autumn colours will be fully out in 10 days time and maybe the mud too!
Yes Sandy you miss a very good long walk at least you saw some deer. Thank you Pete and all of you who attended as its one of my best SWC day out. Love to do it again next spring if not sooner.