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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Wivenhoe Circular

Wivenhoe Circular Book 1 walk 30
14.8km (9.2 miles)
Difficulty 2/10

An unusual walk along the mudflats and salt-marshes of the River Colne. The afternoon is good for birds and there is an interesting church at Fingringhoe.
The walk is in two halves connected by a ferry across the Colne and can only be completed when tides make the ferry times favourable. Today is such a day. Callooh Callay!
The ferry starts at 13.30 and stops at 17:00 so here’s the plan. Do the Wivenhoe loop first (takes about two hours) then cross over for the Rowhedge one (also takes two hours).
09:32 Clacton-on-Sea train from Liverpool Street arriving Wivenhoe at 10:47
Trains return from Wivenhoe at xx:56
The ferry costs £1 each way and is operated by volunteers so be nice to them. When crossing, double-check when the last returns are and plan accordingly. If you do miss the last ferry, you can either get a 66 bus to Colchester Station at approx xx:07 (may come a few minutes early) from Shipyard Corner (near jct of Head St and Chapel St:), or a taxi there. There are 2 trains an hour from Colchester.
You could have lunch either side.
Faster walkers with a wait for the first ferry could visit the Rose & Crown before crossing (tel. 01206-826371). This would allow more time on the other side.
However, if you have lunch after the ferry you can pretend you're in France. There should just be time at the suggested stop, the The Anchor (tel. 01206-728382) on Rowhedge High Street (80 metres from the jetty) serving food all afternoon. Allow a minimum 2 hours walking time to catch the last ferry back.
Ye Olde Albion (tel. 01206-728972), a former CAMRA pub of the year, at Rowhedge Quay prides itself on being a proper old fashioned boozer. It does not serve food but welcomes walkers and allows them to eat sandwiches inside or out – but do please buy a drink.
Several options on the Wivenhoe side.
The Rose & Crown, near the quay,
The Greyhound (tel. 01206-825573) on the High Street, near the start of the walk.
The Black Buoy (tel. 01206-822425) on East Street.
The Station Hotel (tel. 01206-822991) next to Wivenhoe railway station.
Walk directions: l=1.30

1 comment:

Marcus said...

As I recently took the trouble to book check and update the walk directions, getting drenched in a storm in the process, it would be nice if one of you who ventured out on this walk were to post the walk numbers.
And did the new directions work ?
What was the weather like ?
Was the ferry running ?