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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Broadstairs to Margate - £10 ticket

Broadstairs to Margate

A pleasant coastal walk, low chalk cliffs, channel views, some nice beaches, and 3 historic towns.

An early lunch is at the newly opened Royal Victoria Pavilion (a new Wetherspoons in a restored heritage building on Broadstairs sea front).

£10 tickets if you book by 6pm the day before on the southeastern website (you have to enter times to book, but valid on any train after 10am out, after 2pm back)

Catch the 10.08 St Pancras to Broadstairs. Arr 11.27. Buy a return to Margate.

(South Londoners - you might be able to travel via Bromley South or Orpington to link up with this train using the same £10 deal)

Directions / GPS / Map : SWC 101 : L=SWC.101


Andrew said...

Apologies for The typo. I of course meant ramsgate to Margate. If any one got of at broadstairs find yourself a nice seaside cafe and we'll catch up with you.

Andrew said...

n=3 w=mostly-sunny 3 people alighted at Ramsgate which was what I meant.
The Victoria Pavilion (a Wethies) was stunning, with a lovely sun terrace overlooking the sea and harbour. In future, this would make a good breakfast spot before starting the walk, or if doing it in reverse (now recommended I think), a great afternoon tea destination. An alternate route to the station was suggested avoiding the drab shopping streets.
The route to Broadstairs was nice, with a couple of nice looking beach cafes in hidden beaches.
We did some beach walking after Broadstairs, but it was rocks+slippy-seaweed. I remembered it as sand.
Tea was at Kingsgate Bay.
One took the high road (the cliff top path), one mixed and matched, and one took the low road (sand beaches and the lower concrete prom) to Margate.
The headland between Botany and Palm Bay can only be safely beach walked at low tide, and high tide there is a short slopping slippy algae covered concrete ledge...
Only two met up and had a quick look in eyesore Tate building. We should have swapped mobiles...
If anyone got off at Broadstairs, my apologies. I hope you still managed to have a great day out as we did.

Andrew said...

Actually, the walk already takes a prettier route to the sea in Ramsgate, we just didn't follow it.