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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Saturday Walk – The Greensand Ridge and River Ouzel

Book 1 Walk 41 – Bow Brickhill to Leighton Buzzard
Length: 14.7 km (9.1 miles). Toughness: 2/10

10:13 Birmingham New Street train from Euston, changing at Bletchley (arr 10:49, dep 11:01) and arriving Bow Brickhill at 11:08. Buy a return to Bow Brickhill.

South Londoners could take a chance on the direct (but slow) 09:10 Milton Keynes train from East Croydon to Bletchley, due to arrive there just in time for the connection at 10:54.

Return trains from Leighton Buzzard to Euston are at 33 & 59 minutes past the hour, plus an hourly non-stop service at xx:53 (to 17:53). The direct trains back to East Croydon are at xx:24.

One of our regular walk posters sends his apologies so here's a last-minute suggestion for a third walk, described in its Introduction as “short and straightforward”. It tends to get posted in winter when seasonal tree work in Back Wood can make this early part of the walk heavy going; it should be less muddy in summer (despite this week's rain) and it would be helpful to have some feedback on current conditions.

You'll need to print the directions (with details of the suggested lunch and tea places, etc) from the Bow Brickhill to Leighton Buzzard Walk page.


Mike A said...

n=12 on this Bucks stroll with w=light_clouds_and_sun. The Bow Brickhill blackberries were found to be tasty and a few walkers consumed one or two of their 5 a day on the hoof.
The last time I did this walk there was a high squelch factor and the final fields before the Grand Union a real challenge. Not so today in this gently undulating pleasant woodland and meadowland stroll. OK the A5 is a pain to cross but it's one carriageway at a time with a clever gap in the crash barriers for walkers to navigate through. The fields before the canal were completely dry with (new?) boardwalks in places for the rainy seasons.
All met up for tea at the Globe on the Canal and agreed Marc's cheesecake was the best pudding on offer with the Crumbles coming a close second. Several puddings came under attack from other walkers (you know who I mean!).
The sun shone for the final section down the canal and we all caught the non-stop train back to the great Wen from LB. All in all a great day out and a good (mud free) time of year to do this walk

Anonymous said...

We did this walk on Saturday 12 August ( 12 of us ) and had no problem at all with paths churned up by tree works. I was pleasantly surprised by the joy of the terrain after the storms on the previous Wednesday and I expected it to be a ' bit muddy ' but there was little mud and when there was it was easily passable.
A good walk with lovely woods.
Muddy Waters