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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

New Walk in the Cotswolds

Chipping Campden to Broadway

Length: about 6 miles.  Longer options available.
Toughness: 1 out of 10. Nice easy going.

London Paddington: 10-22 hrs     Hereford service.  Slough 10-36 hrs
Arrive Moreton in Marsh: 11-56 hrs

Ealing Broadwayers:  Senior railcard holders: 09-50 hrs (Reading service from Paddington) . Arrive Slough  10-10 hrs and wait to connect with fast train, as above.
Younger walkers: take 10-05 hrs (Oxford service from Paddington). Arrive Slough 10-28 hrs and connect with fast train, as above.

Bus to Chipping Campden 1/2/2A
Moreton in Marsh railway station:  12-29 hrs
Arrive Chipping Campden: 13-15 hrs

Bus from Broadway back to Moreton in Marsh 1/2/2A
Broadway: 16-08 hrs
Moreton in Marsh railway station: 16-35 hrs

Return from Moreton in Marsh railway station to Paddington:  16-45 hrs

Walk posted on behalf of Jane from Kew

This is a short walk through classic Cotswold countryside, best taken at a relaxed pace. Jane will lead the walk and will have a map and directions with her. The rest of you just tag on behind and enjoy the lovely Cotswold scenery.
Lunch will be at the Lygon Arms in Broadway. Their bar and grill is open from 12 noon until 9-30 pm. tel: 01386-852255.
After your late lunch it's a bus back from Broadway to Moreton in Marsh for your train home - or if you want a longer walk, head back to Chipping Campden and catch a later bus from there - but I leave it to you to check out the later bus and later train times.
Enjoy a relaxing day - should be good - and should prove you don't always have to walk 14 miles to have a satisfying walk  !


Anonymous said...

This is really a treat, Jane. Normally Cotswolds walks are 15 miles plus and hard going. Thanks for designing a walk that is more manageable and with extra time to wonder in this lovely countryside....

Anonymous said...

DEar Possible walkers on this walking for softies walk . to make the correct connection from Ealing B you need to take the 9.50 train from Ealing B to Slough anch change on to the Hereford train from Slough

Thanks . Hope to see one or two


Marcus said...

Just the walk author on today's walk, so that is n=1. She tells me she enjoyed her day and did some additional research into the walk. Weather w=dry-at-the-start-but-damp-in-the-afternoon.