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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Along the Hangers Way in Hampshire, and down Shoulder of Mutton

Book 2 Walk 11 (r):  Liss to Petersfield

Length: 16.2 km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

London Waterloo:  10-00 hrs    Portsmouth Harbour service (does NOT stop at CJ)
Arrive Haslemere: 10-48 hrs
Leave Haslemere: 10-55 hrs   Portsmouth and Southsea service
Arrive Liss: 11-06 hrs

Clapham Junctioners
Clapham Junction: 09-52 hrs   Portsmouth and Southsea service (which left Waterloo at 09-45 hrs)
Arrive Liss: 11-06 hrs

Return: Petersfield to Waterloo:  10, 18, 48 and 57 mins past rhe hour

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Petersfield

A fellow walk poster suggested I post this Book 2 walk in reverse, as there is more going on in Petersfield than in Liss at walk-end.  I have done this walk backwards once before, and I recall it does work the wrong way round.  Backwards, you get the plethora of stiles out of the way in the morning and later you descend the steep Shoulder of Mutton hill rather than climb it.
Much of the walk is along the Hangers Way long distance path (muddy in winter) but hopefully fine today. Lunch is taken at the usually good Hawkley Inn, some 10 km from Liss - so no dawdling today if you want a pub lunch. Booking ahead is advisable (01730-827205) and to check the pub is open - it's up for sale.
On arriving in Petersfield I leave it to you to explore the town and discover its fleshpots, or for the less hedonistic amongst you, suitable stops for tea.
Walk Directions here   L=2.11

Tips on "Walking Backwards"  here


Anonymous said...

Would the poster kindly correct the train info.

Marcus said...

Train info correct per my railway website

Marcus said...

I'm away this week so I hope our mid-week walkers work out how to follow a walk "backwards" - it's not too difficult.

Marcus said...

Shame no one turned up for this walk, particularly as it had been requested - and backwards - for today.

Walker said...

N=0 then?

But on a philosophical note, how do you know that no one turned up? If there was someone there to observe that no one was there, then someone did turn up.....

Anonymous said...

In answer to Marcus and Walker, actually I did part of the walk that day. Unfortunately I managed to miss the 10.00am train by a few seconds, so caught the next one to Petersfield (non-stopping at Liss). From here, knowing the forecast was rain, I decided to shorten the walk and caught the bus up to Selborne. Had a cup of tea in the Gilbert White's House cafe (free admission), then climbed Selborne Common hill via the zig zag path. At this point the light persistent rain set in, but I was not downhearted. The Hangars Way sustained me as it was very beautiful all the way back to Petersfield. A little muddy in places with some slippery stiles, but quiet and picturesque, with mist draping over the wooded hills. thanks for posting Marcus. E.D.

Anonymous said...

n=1 w=wet