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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Thursday Evening:  One (or more) for the Road on a Historic Thameside Journey

Cannon Street Station to Canary Wharf

Distance:          4.5 miles or 7 km for those more metrically minded 

Difficulty:         1 out of 10

Meet:                The Banker Pub – 200 meters from Cannon St. Tube and Rail Station (on the Thames)

Time:                18:30 – but if you miss our departure, you can certainly catch us up along the way…

I posted this route a few years back as an ad hoc outing and it was well received – so I decided to add it to our official repertoire of short walks for summer evenings…. It hardly requires any instructions, aside from, keep the river on your right – but, I have prepared a few to assist with navigating along a couple of stretches where the Thames Path leaves the river’s edge. 

The route basically follows the Thames Path from Cannon St. Station to Canary Wharf Pier, passing through historic Wapping with its atmospherically converted warehouses.  We will be making three historic visits – at the Town of Ramsgate, the Prospect of Whitby and the Grapes.  At Canary Wharf Pier, you can elect to catch a Thames Clipper back to central London or meander through the buildings to the DLR Station. 

More information and the instructions (hot off the press) are available here.....

Enjoy the walk!


1 comment:

Thomas G said...

9 walkers met outside The Banker by the Thames, and later picked up 1 other at The Prospect of Whitby pub, so n=10 in total in w=sunny-with-passing-clouds type of weather. Enroute we also tried to coax our boat-dwelling SWCer at St. Katahrine Docks into joining, but he was out shopping (but him and part of his family later joined us The Town of Ramsgate for a bevvie anyway).
Interesting route past lots of historical buildings and pubs, three of which we paid a visit to. The northbank route out East suffers a bit from long stretches of the riverside being private ground, necessitating roadside walking away from the water, but that's just a minor quibble. [In Wapping at least the roads are quite interesting anyway, with plenty of converted warehouses to look at, quite a few little parks etc.]
The pubs were all too crowded to accomodate us all for dinner, so most dined at a chain Italian in CW.