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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Bures to Sudbury

Bures to Sudbury Book 1, Walk 8
16.0km (9.9 miles) or 12.6 km (7.8 miles)
Difficulty: 4/10
An easygoing  walk through the Stour Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Much of it is along the Stour Valley footpath, which is well waymarked. The official lunch pub is the Bulmer Fox but the detour to the Henny Swan, a pleasant riverside pub in Henny Street, is recommended. The detour makes little difference to the overall length. (The shorter walk takes a more direct route, avoiding both of the lunch pubs). The churchyard at Great Henny is kept as a wildflower meadow - a pleasant spot for a picnic. The approach to Sudbury is across the ancient grazing lands of Sudbury Common. Thomas Gainsborough is said to have played here as a child. Have tea there in a converted millhouse on the banks of the river.
Train: 10:02 Ipswich train from Liverpool Street. Change at Marks Tey for Sudbury (arr 11:07 dep 11:15) arrive Bures 11:27
Return at  xx:42 changing at Marks Tey
Get a return to Sudbury.
Lunch :
The Henny Swan at Henny Street (tel 01787-269238) Serves food 12-8pm
or the recently re-opened Bulmer Fox  (tel 01787-312277) in Bulmers Tye, Serves food 12-3pm
The suggested tea place is the comfortable Mill Hotel (tel 01787-375544) in Sudbury. As well, as serving tea, there’s a bar. Be sure to pay your respects to the mummified cat visible through the floor in the hotel lobby. After tea, allow 20 minutes to get to the station.
Venture further into Sudbury and you'll find the Black Boy (tel 01787-379046) and the White Horse (tel 01787-313508).
Walk directions: L=1.08 


Marcus said...

This is a lovely walk but in summer several of the paths, particularly in the morning, tend to be overgrown. In previous summers the paths have been passable, but best not wear shorts today, and you may find a walking pole handy to fight back the undergrowth.
The detour to the pub in Henny Street is recommended - methinks it's much nicer than the Bulmer Fox.

Unknown said...

Now I might do the Walk on Sunday. But I can't Guarantee I will. But I am just wondering. What time will we get the Train Home as I have to go to work early the next day?

Marcus said...

Marc, if you skip tea at the Mill Hotel in Sudbury, and instead head straight for the railway station, in all likelihood you will be on the 16-42 hrs train from Sudbury, arriving back in London circa 18-15 hrs.

JuneT said...

n=7 including one on a later train who caught us up at lunch then raced ahead, w=sunny-with-clouds, pleasantly varied walk, the Henny Swan was a tranquil riverside spot and most of us ate from their rather limited snacks menu (gastropubs meals available inside) and set off again just as a micro-shower descended. Four diverted to the idyllic Mill Hotel for cream teas.