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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Amberley and Arundel


Length: Depends: Circular walk between 16km and 19km, full there, back and there again 23km
Toughness: Depends (see above)
Transport: Take the 9:36 from London Victoria to Amberley, arriving at 10:55. Return trains from Amberley at 17:17, 18:17, 18:59, 19:29, 19:52 and some more; return trains from Arundel at 17:12, 17:46, 18:12, 18:54, 19:24 and some more. I do not know what the impact of the "no overtime" directive on Southern trains will be. So if the 9:36 does not run try the next on at 10:06 to Arundel and start the walk from there.

This is a walk with many variants and I see it more like an invitation to have fun in the beautiful area between Amberley and Arundel. The full instructions lead you from Amberley to Arundel, back to Amberley and out again to Arundel which is about 23km. However, you can finish the walk after any number of legs > 0 between Amberley and Arundel. I recommend to bring a map and agree within the group which side paths you would like to explore. For example the churches in North and South Stokes are worth a visit (part of leg 3). I also recommend to pass by Swanbourne Lake where light snacks, tea and ice cream should be available (end of leg 3).


Anonymous said...

3 of us are planning to do Amberley circular, more manageable 10 miles, you are welcome to join us.

Anonymous said...

N=8, W=cloudy_in_the_morning_sunshine_in_the_afternoon. The walk was as lovely as ever, 6 did Amberley circular, 1 left at Arundel, joined by another to explore the area separately and was not seen again. Lunch at Red Lion and tea at The George at Burpham - both nice pubs. One had tea and cake at Riverside Cafe. We took 5:17 train back to London. It was a nice day out in good company. Pity some walkers were deterred by the fear of Southern Rail strike. The train was running on time in both directions