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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Wednesday Walk - South West Trains Spring Offer – All Things Clarendon: Salisbury to Dean [The Clarendon Way] [Roche Court Art Centre]

Length: 26.2 km (16.3 mi)
Ascent/Descent: approx. 400m; Net Walking Time: 6 hrs
Toughness:  7 out of 10

Take the 09.20 Exeter St. Davids & Bristol Temple Meads train from Waterloo (09.27 CJ), arrives Salisbury at 10.42.
Return trains from Dean are: xx.02 via Salisbury and xx.08 via Southampton Central.
But £13 Singles to Salisbury but from Dean, or from Mottisfont & Dunbridge, if doing the full walk to Mottisfont.

Alternative Start to this walk on the Wiltshire/West Hampshire borders: from Salisbury along the Clarendon Way to the ruins of Clarendon Palace and then through Clarendon Park (a woodland) to near Broughton, with an optional loop to the New Art Centre at Roche Court, an art gallery & sculpture park open to 16.00, along the way (this adds 2.9 km/1.8 mi).
Then reverse-walk the start of SWC 265’s main walk back to Dean (that bit is map-led, I will take notes for a write-up).

Walk Options: Pitton, the lunch stop, and Winterslow, the village nearest to the art centre, are served by buses 87/88 for a shortcut back to Salisbury (the 13.28 from Pitton Post Office and the 15.43 and the 19.03 from Middle Winterslow, with its pub and store, are the only relevant departures though) or on to Andover (13.49 from Pitton Post Office).
Another option is to continue with the main walk to Mottisfont & Dunbridge, see the pdf for details.

Lunch: The Silver Plough in Pitton (8.9 km/5.6 mi, food to 14.00).
Tea: The Black Horse in West Tytherley (5.4 km/3.4 mi from the end).
For walk directions, a route map, height profile, some photos, and gpx/kml files click here.T=swc.265.b


Anonymous said...

Anyone going on this walk?

Thomas G said...


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify that I should buy a single to Salisbury (£13) and a separate return ticket from Dean to London?

Thomas G said...

Indeed. A Dean return would do as well, but may not work the barriers at Salisbury. £13 each way, whatever you do.

Thomas G said...

The 9.20 is cancelled like many other trains this morning . Some are taking the delayed 9.05 weymouth train to Basingstoke and change there

Thomas G said...

Signalling problems, platforms 5 to 9 out of service

Stargazer said...

After a chaotic start at Waterloo owing to several platforms being out of commission because of a signal failure, n=5 determined souls emerged from the recommended alternate train in Basingstoke to await our connection to Salisbury (having just missed one.....something of a theme for the day...). Eventually, we set off about 40 minutes late under a w=boiling-hot-sun. In the morning the routed passed by the very interesting remains of Clarendon Palace with informative information boards. Four enjoyed a pleasant lunch at Edward Heath's favorite seat at the pub before we all continued together along the long afternoon route -- fortunately much of it was in the shade of some varied woodland. Sadly, we arrived at just the wrong time in West Tytherley for afternoon refreshments -- as the pub was not yet open and the village shop had just closed....After a short break, we continued on to Dean on a slightly modified (shorter) route where to our surprise we found quite a number of train spotters on the platform with cameras and tripods at the ready....eventually the Bournemouth Belle steam engine came whizzing past....Our train was a few minutes late so we arrived in Salisbury just in time to see our London train pull out of the station.....Four then headed to a nearby Indian for some sustenance and some provisions were purchased for the journey home -- needless to say, we were fully rehydrated and our electrolytes were back in balance by the time we pulled into Waterloo...