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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Saunderton Circular via Bledlow

Saunderton Circular via Bledlow Book 2 Walk 2
11.7 miles, 18.3 km.
Toughness: 6 /10
A favourite Chilterns walk, with a favourite pub thrown in. There are many fine views out over the valley and plain. Largely gentle with one or two steep bits.
Trains: Get the 10:13 Aylesbury train from Marylebone arriving Saunderton 10:53.
Trains back at xx:50 from platform 2  (If you just miss it, you could get the xx:54 from Platform 1 back up the line to Princes Risborough and change there for London).
Lunch: The Lions of Bledlow: 01844 343345 nice choice of beers, extensive menu.
Bledlow's Lyde Garden is worth a quick visit and is a possible picnic place. The entrance is near the church.
The Golden Cross is handy for Saunderton station. A welcoming family pub. It’s on the main road, just past the station turn-in.
Or the earlier Boot 01494 481499 at Bledlow Ridge. Both have gardens.
Directions: available here or in Book 2.

1 comment:

PeteG said...

There were n=8, 6 had come for the group walk and a couple planning to do the walk independently, who joined us for the day. Everyone enjoyed the pub - reasonable priced food, lovely garden, excellent beer. w=sunny. The gpx is different to the instructions and I'll do an update. This is a great walk with endless lovely views. The garden in Bledlow is worth a visit.