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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Wednesday Walk - Glynde to Seaford

Book 1,Walk 31 - Glynde to Seaford

Length: 23 km (14.3 miles)
Toughness: 8 out of 10

To shorten the walk, take the bus from Exceat into Seaford

London Victoria: 09-47 hrs  Ore and Littlehampton Service:   CJ  09-53 hrs;    EC  10-03 hrs
Arrive Lewes: 10-47 hrs
Leave Lewes:  11-09 hrs  Ore stopping service from Brighton
Arrive Glynde: 11-14 hrs

Return: Seaford to Victoria: via Lewes at 16-25, 16-54, 17-20, 17-57, 18-24, 18-59 and 19-17 hrs:
             Seaford to Victoria: via Brighton at 18-41 and 19-37 hrs

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Seaford. For Railcards holders whose railcards only come into play from 10-00 hrs, you should make it to East Croydon and buy your off peak return from there.

This is the longest walk in Book 1 and many a walker's favourite.  It comes in 3 legs, all very different, and all delightful: Leg 1 - From Glynde to Alfriston.  Leaving the railway station it's best to keep to the road (rather than taking the inland path) until you reach the A27 road, which you cross with care, before heading for the village of West Firle via Firle Park. From there you head towards the base of the downs for a steep ascent up onto the South Downs, for a lovely ridge walk, with fine views, You descend off the downs into the village of Alfriston for lunch, where you have a choice of three good pubs and a number of  tea rooms. Popular with SWC walkers is the George Inn  tel: 01323-870319 . It's advisable to 'phone ahead with numbers - your e.t.a 13-30 hrs.
Leg 2 - Alfriston to Exceat (pronounced Ex-Seat): this leg starts beside the Cuckmere River for a leisurely stroll along its river bank. You leave this path at Litlington , where there is a late lunch option at the excellent Plough and Harrow pub - which also acts as a stop to take on liquid. It's uphill now, towards the village of West Dean, then into Friston Forest before you descend to Exceat where you can take an early tea stop at the former Exceat Farmhouse.(which may now be called Saltmarsh, open until 16-00 hrs).For those who prefer to wait for tea until walk-end, you can make use of the ice cream van usually parked up in the car park.
Leg 3 - Exceat to Seaford: starts with a short section of road walking to Exceat Bridge where you pass the Cuckmere Inn (another refreshment option)  then head along the Vanguard Way to Cuckmere Haven ( a swimming opportunity if the tide is in - swimmers, bring your cosies !). Your homeward stretch consists of  a stroll along the cliff-tops, with fine views back of the Severn Sisters. You drop down from the cliffs into the town of Seaford - another swimming opportunity - and head for the railway station. Close to the station you find a number of pubs and restaurants and, another SWC favourite, Trawlers Fish and Chip Restaurant, for those peckish after today's long walk..
If you are a new SWC walker who has never tried this walk, it comes with my personal recommendation. Enjoy !
Walk Directions here: L=1.31


PeteB said...

Two major chalk cliff falls at Seaford Head recently. Keep well away from cliff edge, at least 25m.

Marcus said...

A surprisingly low turnout for the best walk in Book 1 - just n=4 of us.
The day started strangely. Of the three who alighted from the London train at Lewes, one immediately got on the wrong onward train (to Seaford instead of Glynde) and had to catch a bus to Alfriston. Another took possession of a four foot flower cutting from Lewes Station's fine garden display, and proceeded to walk with it over the Downs, but stopped en route at the Ram Inn, Firle, for a tincture for
herself and her flower. The two semi-normal ones ? left then set out on the walk in w=dull-overcast-but-mostly-dry-conditions, warm and slightly humid, with no wind, even on top of the Downs.
The four were eventually reunited at the George, Alfriston where all enjoyed an excellent lunch sitting outdoors, now in slight drizzle. Our flower lady took the bus to Seaford, leaving three to negotiate leg 2 - and very nice, too. The descent to Exceat is always lovely. Onwards on leg 3 on the Vanguard Way to Cuckmere Haven, where we resisted the temptation to skinny- dip (mustn't scare the horses), but instead set out on the cliff top walk, now in steady drizzle, talking care along the way, as Pete B had warned, recent land slips having made sections of the walk potentially dangerous. We skipped tea and caught the 17-57 hrs train from Seaford, and were back in London at 19-30 hrs, having enjoyed a lovely walk, in slightly strange circumstances.