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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Village festivities in the Hertfordshire countryside

SWC walk 91 – Baldock Circular T=SWC.91
Length: 19.6km (12.2 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10

09:52 Cambridge train from King’s Cross (09:58 Finsbury Park) to Baldock, arriving 10.31

Fastest trains back from Baldock are at xx:50 (journey time 40 minutes), with slower stopping services at xx:26 (journey time 54 minutes) Trains back from Ashwell & Morden are at xx:21. All trains call at Finsbury Park.

Buy a Super Off-Peak Day Return to Ashwell & Morden. This is the same fare as to Baldock, and gives you the option of returning from the local station if you decide to linger in Ashwell to enjoy the attractions there.

Each year in mid-May, the pretty village of Ashwell in north Hertfordshire holds an Open Day, called Ashwell At Home , offering walks and talks, arts and crafts, music and performance, and the opportunity to visit numerous gardens or climb to the top of the church tower. The event raises funds for the local school, church and museum.

It has become an SWC tradition to do the Baldock Circular walk on this day to enable walkers to enjoy the attractions in Ashwell, where the lunch pubs are located. The walk itself is not tremendously exciting, being mainly through large arable fields, but the countryside is pleasant, and the attractions of Ashwell At Home make for an enjoyable day out. The walk can be shortened by 5km by returning from Ashwell & Morden station.

For lunch, you have a choice of three pubs in Ashwell, the Rose and Crown (01462 742420), the Bushell and Strike (01462 742394) and the Three Tuns Hotel (01462 743343).

You will need to download the walk directions.

1 comment:

Ian T said...

N=9 on a w=sunny day. 2 did the whole walk, others as far as I know, stayed in Ashwell and got the train back from there. An enjoyable walk despite, or even because of, the big fields. Big fields means big skies. In Ashwell, I had no sooner finished my first pint of Abbott when I got called back in to have a second. Such is the burden of being a popular walk-poster. It was in such an inebriated state that I chanced upon the re-enactment of a medieval mystery play and I have to say they had me convinced. God really did speak to Noah from an upstairs window of the museum. I saw his hand. And the animals did go in two by two. Those weren’t children wearing paper plate masks. No way. Then it was off to the church for a quick look at the plague graffiti and off back to Baldock. The floral star of the day was the cow parsley, fringing just about every path.