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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tuesday Walk - a South Downs Tease - with an early bluebell wood

SWC 8 - Billingshurst to Amberley

Length: 22.4 km (14 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10 (one steady, steep climb up onto the Downs, otherwise 3 out of 10)

London Victoria:  10-06 hrs    Portsmouth Harbour / Bognor service.  CJ 10-12 hrs, EC 10-23 hrs
Arrive Billingshurst: 11-10 hrs

Return: Amberley to Victoria:  17 mins past the hour to and incl. 18-17 hrs, then 19-28 and 20-29 hrs
                                                   and 17-25 and 18-20 hrs via Arundel

Posting of walk subject to possible Southern Rail travel disruption- strike action.

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Amberley

This walk gets fewer outings than it deserves, walk posters preferring its sister walk, SWC 9 - Pulborough to Amberley. Both walks contain a fair bit of road walking, particularly the legs up to the base of the South Downs, but there are lots of nice sections to savour on both walks.  This time of year is an opportune time for posting the Billingshurst walk, as shortly after the start you walk through an extensive bluebell wood (Rosier Wood), often muddy, but if the 'bells are out you tend to overlook the mud.
The walk thereafter is a tease, as you see the South Downs in the distance ahead as you proceed in a southerly direction towards them, but they never seem to get any closer. In the morning you wend your way through farmland, copses, more bluebell woods, then a vineyard, before you reach the small village of Nutbourne, with its pub, the Rising Sun, a favourite of mine, and your suggested lunch stop. Best 'phone ahead with numbers, your e.t.a being 13-30 hrs.  01798-812191.
After lunch you can mix and match your onward route, should you wish, with the Pulborough walk , which shares your lunch stop. That said I prefer the route in the Billingshurst directions, which takes you beside a golf course, then through a glider club, before a long(ish) road stretch (Clay Lane) which leads you to the base of the South Downs. You got there !   Now it's a short, steep, knackering climb up to the top, where, after catching your breath, you embark on a lovely ridge walk, either along the South Down Way, or  - much better - the grassy open access land (the Springhead Estate) to its immediate north. After two miles you descend to make your way through the sloppy mud around Downs Farm, then you drop down to join High Titten which takes you down into Amberley. The suggested tea stop on a mid-week walk is the pub next to the railway station - the Bridge Inn.
If you haven't tried this walk before, why not give it a go.
Walk directions here: L=swc.8

Next Tuesday walk, 09 May: SWC 50 - Hassocks to Brighton


Anonymous said...

Anyone going on this walk?

Anonymous said...

I hope to do this walk as didnt manage to get out at the weekend.

Marcus said...

3 on an early train and 8 on the scheduled service, making legs n=11 on a w=fine-sunny-day and warmer than forecasted, although it was chilly in the breeze on top of the Downs. Before that we enjoyed good bluebell displays in Rosier Wood and elsewhere in the morning, although the bluebells are in desperate need of a drink. The solid, baked ground, in place of the usual muddy sections, was evidence of no rain for over two months. An excellent lunch was enjoyed by the four of us who dined at the Rising Sun in Nutbourne and our sandwichers enjoyed drinks in the pub's relaxed atmosphere. Suitably refreshed, we set out on the long afternoon leg, with the three early starters being ahead of the main group. The Parham Glider Club put on a nice display for us - of tugs taking off and gliders landing - as we made our way to the foot of the Downs. Once on top, the views were as good as any I had ever experienced as we progressed through the Springhead Estate before descending into Amberley. The 17-17 hrs train for the three of us, and the 18-17 hrs train for the rest, who had time for refreshments at the Bridge Inn. A thoroughly enjoyable day in the best of company.