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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Saturday Walk - Milford to Godalming

Length: 18km (12m)
Toughness: 6 / 10
Transport: Take the 9:15 from London Waterloo to Milford arriving at 10:05. Return from Godalming at xx:25 and xx:53.
From the description:
The Greensand Way, a pretty village pub, a NT Arboretum (thats free to walk through), a tea room by a canal, and historic Godalming's pubs to end. From Milford Station, you come to the lakes and the magnificent timber-framed Enton Mill – one of the many houses on this walk that have seventeenth or eighteenth-century galleting – black pebbles lining the mortar of the walls, a method much used in those days in Kent and the south. Near a pub and church in Hambledon, you join the Greensand Way, a sandy bridleway through The Hurtwood, offering hazelnuts and blackberries in season. Lunch is at the White Horse pub in Hascombe, a village with a remarkable church covered in wall decoration, so that it looks almost Moorish. In the afternoon, the walk goes on legitimate public rights of way that give free access to the National Trust's Winkworth Arboretum and its lakes – the azaleas and bluebells make it particularly lovely to visit in springtime. The final approach to the town is along the National Trust's River Wey and Godalming Navigation’s path along the canal, to the Church of St Peter and St Paul and the ancient High Street.
I recommend the climb up Hascombe Hill before lunch. There is a nice circular walk from the lunch pub to the iron age fort and a view at the top and then along the edge of the steep slope of the hill.


Catriona said...

I'm hoping to join you

Margaret said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite walk. Definitely going

Anonymous said...

This part of countryside never fails to amaze, intend going