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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Saturday Walk - Cuxton Circular

Saturday Walk: Cuxton Circular

Length: 11 Miles (17.5km) 6 out of 10

This is a variant of the Cuxton to Halling walk, and for the last third of the walk, gives a different perspective on the start of the Cuxton To Snodland (which you do in reverse to create the circular walk. The walk instructions include how to do this). T=3.173

Trains: The 1022 from St Pancras International. Change at Strood (arr 1057 depart 1104 on the Tonbridge train) arr Cuxton at 1108. There is also a slow train from Charing Cross at 0939 London Bridge 0946 to Gillingham arr Strood 1049.
Return trains at xx22 & xx52

Lunch: There are three pubs in Cobham, 4.5 miles (7¼ km) into the walk. The suggested place is the Leather Bottle (01474-814327), which serves a good selection of home-made food and has a large back garden. Earlier you pass the Ship Inn (01474-814326) and the Darnley Arms (01474-814218). If you want to eat slightly later you could make a short detour to the Cock Inn (01474-814208) in Henley Street.

Tea: Cuxton has the White Hart pub (01634-711857) at the top of Station Road, while a short detour will take you past a mini-market in the village.


Walker said...

There are lots of areas of bluebells along the last ridge to Cuxton on this walk.

A glance into the White Hart in Cuxton the other week suggested it was rather nice, despite its slightly unpromising location

Ian T said...

N=22 w=cloud-and-sun-dry Great swathes of yellow to start as we walked alongside rapefields. Only a smattering of bluebells till mid afternoon .The final section was awash with the little devils. There was also an impressive display of wild garlic at one point. Leather Bottle was fine The two I was with had a posh wild mushroomy thing that seemed to go down well. Later the White Hart was OK too. Amazingly, I found myself with a group even slower than myself. But we got there.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the group I was with would share the feeling that the Leather Bottle was fine. Everything came within a very few minutes, plainly much assisted by a microwave. Mashed potato was instant. Given that there are three pubs in Cobham, I'd be up for trying the others next time.

Anonymous said...

A few had the idea to have lunch at the Cobham festival, Munchies on the Meadow which was just past the pub.
Reports that for lunch it was very good and some of us had a wander around after lunch and picked up bread and jams etc.
More info here

Anonymous said...

As well as the Cobham festival there was the annual Rochester Sweeps festival
if you still had the energy for more eating, drinking and dancing...