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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Tuesday Walk: Berwick Church, Alfriston, High & Over, Exceat and on to Seaford

SWC 90 - Berwick to Seaford via Exceat

Length: 18.3 km (11.4 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10 (one steep, steady ascent, otherwise 3 out of 10)

Posting subject to Southern Rail strike action or disruption

London Victoria: 09-47 hrs    Ore train   CJ  09-53,  EC 10-03
Arrive Lewes: 10-47 hrs
Leave Lewes: 11-09 hrs  Ore stopping service from Brighton
Arrive Berwick: 11-20 hrs

Return: Seaford to Victoria via Lewes: 16-25, 16-54, 17-20, 17-57, 18-24, 18-59, 19-17 - and 18-41 and 19-37 to Victoria via Brighton

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Seaford

Unfortunately, train times today do not lend themselves to a post 10 am start from London. Our younger walkers should get to East Croydon by whatever means suits them where their travel cards come into play for connecting with the train from Victoria at 10-03 hrs.

Part of me is reluctant to post a walk which is dependent on Southern trains, but this is the best time of year to post this walk, as you should find flocks of new born lambs a-frolicking in the fields as you approach Seaford Head in the afternoon - a lovely Spring sight - so maybe it's worth taking a chance with travel plans.

Saturday walkers gave this walk a spin on 11 February, and likewise today we will do the alternative start from Berwick Station to Berwick Church, which I suggest we visit to view its famous murals and art. We then head down then up over some vast fields before we walk down the road into Alfriston, where we have a choice of three pubs plus cafes and convenience stores. The most popular pub with SWC walkers is the George Inn - tel: 01323-870319, our e.t.a 1 pm: we will try to pre-book a table.

After lunch, I suggest we walk beside the River Cuckmere along the Book 1 Glynde to Seaford route and cross over the river at Litlington before climbing High & Over Hill - with fabulous views from its top. After a short ridge walk we zig-zag down over access land to the river and follow it to Exceat. Instead of  taking the Vanguard Way up to Cuckmere Haven, we will take the path gently uphill west over farmland to observe the new-born lambs in the fields. A short steep(ish) climb up the road to Seaford Head follows, then its across a large, flat field to connect up with the classic cliff-top walk into Seaford, stopping occasionally to enjoy the glorious view behind us of the eight Severn Sisters.

Tea, or fish and chips at Trawlers (another SWC favourite) awaits us in Seaford, before we catch the train home.

SWC walks do not get much better than this one - so let's hope Southern Rail are kind to us today.

Walk directions here: L=swc.90

Next Week, Thursday 30 March: Book 1, Walk 11 - Tring to Wendover


Anonymous said...

Hope to attend . Day for jumpers and rainwear from the sounds of things jfk

Marcus said...

n=6 of us on today's walk, in w=lovely-sunshine-all-day. The weather was much better than forecasted, as so often happens (no rain), being mild to warm, although the strong breeze on the hill tops stopped us removing layers of clothing.

This version of SWC Walk 90 is one of the best walks in the SWC repertoire, with variety, sights, stunning views, a sensible length - and mandatory water features. Add in the lambs in the fields either side of Seaford Head, good chatter along the way, a good lunch at the George, and on time trains (thank you, Southern) and we had a near perfect day.

Unknown said...

Thanks for a lovely day Marcus. Really enjoyed it.