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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Saturday Walk - Stonegate Circular

Stonegate Circular - Book 2 Walk 19
9,6 miles/15.5km

A springtime walk in a quiet part of the Weald, passing by Rudyard Kipling's former rural retreat at Bateman's.

Trains:  Take the 10:15 Hastings service from Charing Cross, arriving at Stonegate at 11;26.  Return trains from Stonegate at xx23/53.

Lunch:  The Rose and Crown, Burwash, 01435 882600, 160m down the High Street from the church.  A short way further on is The Bear Inn, 01435 882540.

The Wheel Inn at Burwash Weald is a possible mid-afternoon stop.  There is nothing near the station.

Click here for full details and walk directions



Walker said...

At the risk of seeing "splittist" I plan to do the morning of this walk, the switch to the afternoon of SWC Walk 112 (Stonegate to Robertsbridge) to walk to Robertsbridge.

If anyone wants to join me, they are welcome. This afternoon route is very pretty at this time of year - it is a favourite April walk of mine - and is only marginally longer than the Stonegate circular at 16.4km/10.2 miles. However, it is not any part of my agenda to dissuade anyone from the Stonegate ending, which is also very nice.

If you want to join me, buy a day return to Robertsbridge: directions here

(You still need the book 2 directions for the morning route, as the morning route of SWC 112 is a bit different)

Mike A said...

Departs 10:23 from London Bridge if that suits better

Walker said...

39 on this walk - a gorgeous day out on a day of w=gorgeous-sunshine. With spring bursting out all over, bright green leaves, lambs In the field and pure blue skies, what greater happiness could one ask for?

At least a dozen sandwichers enjoyed a heartstopping view over the valley at Burwash. The rest of us went to the Rose and Crown (sitting outside, of course). They grumbled a bit about the influx but in truth were not hugely busy otherwise and produced dishes at a brisk rate.

After lunch many opted to go on to Robertsbridge. Some may have gone to Batemans. The nine of us in the rear dawdled shamelessly looking at flowers and trees. There were early purple orchids and wild cherry blossom and cuckoo flower and primroses. Lots and lots orange tip butterflies and some holly blues too. Towards the end of the walk there was a bluebell wood that had definitely reached the "blue fuzz" stage. Blackbirds and chaffinches and chiffchaffs and nuthatches sang.

Unlike many pubs, the Ostrich in Robertsbridge produced tea in mugs speedily and had nice beer. Then a dozy golden train ride home, wondering if it had all been just a dream.

Anonymous said...