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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Saturday Walk Cowden to Eridge

Length: 13.1 miles (21.2km). Six hours walking time. 6 out of 10.
Shorter option of 10 Miles and later start.

"Starts along a valley and then over hills to Hartfield for lunch, followed by an undulating trek through woods and fields to Eridge." The walk directions say it is 12 miles, but the gpx says 13. You can shorten the walk to 10 miles (and have a later start) by starting from Ashurst. The early start for this walk, is in order to get to the recommended pub in time.

Trains: Get the 0908 Uckfield train from London Bridge to Cowden (Kent) arr 0953 (East Croydon 0922). Returns from Eridge are xx50. Buy a return to Eridge. For the Ashurst start get the 1008 train (all stations are on the same line. Hopefully Southern will be running these trains.

Lunch: The Anchor Inn  Hartfield,  (01892 770424). Food served 12pm - 3pm. Located 6 miles (10 km) from the start of the walk, or the recommended  Dorset Arms Withyham, (01892 770278). Food served noon - 2.30pm  Located 8.7 miles (14 km) from the start of the walk.

The Dorset Arms has had good reports, and you can omit the out and back to Hartfield to shorten the walk.. Best to decide this at the start and make a booking.

Tea: The Huntsman is right by the station, so the hourly return service is less of a problem.


David said...
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Walker said...

Just FYI, there is only supposed to be ONE n= number in the report = the TOTAL number on the walk.

Thomas G said...

the solution is, I believe, to copy and paste the old post w/o the n=xx (but with the total number added) and to then delete the old post. sorry... but it's all for the integrity of the stats...fwiw

Thomas G said...

copied and pasted from earlier:

David said...
9 caught the early train and started from Cowden and 5 or 6 did the shorter walk from Ashurst, for a total of n=14 or 15 walkers. The weather was w=dry_with_early_sunshine_becoming_increasingly_overcast_and_breezy. Most chose to eat at the Anchor Inn in Hartfield, but there were a couple of benches in the nearby churchyard for those who had brought sandwiches. After lunch, some of the walkers stopped to visit Hartfield Church, while others pressed on. At least three walkers caught the 3.50 train back from Eridge. Overall, a very pleasant day. The going was largely firm underfoot, with a few boggy patches, and the usual muddy field corners.

Saturday, 18 March, 2017