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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Riddlesdown to Coulsdon South


Length: 16km (10m)
Toughness: 4/10
Transport: Take the 9:53 from London Victoria, arriving in Riddlesdown at 10:18. There are many trains back to London from Coulsdon South

From the description:

Considering that it starts in the suburbs of London (and within the boundaries of London Transport Travelcard zone six), this walk passes through some remarkably unspoilt countryside. Farthing Down, Kenley Common, Riddlesdown and Coulsdon Commons are all ancient grazing lands, lovingly preserved as part of the London Greenbelt, and offering a delightful series of woods and open spaces.


Andy Poole said...

On page 3 paragraph 2 'In 250m at a T junction with a road turn right' on Hayes Lane again (although not stated). This has always been a nasty section of the LOOP with 100m on a busy road with no pavement but can easily be avoided.
At the T junction there is a red postbox opposite and to its immediate right a path. Take this path into woodland, 7m later turn left and in another 20m turn right. Ignore a path on the right in another 10m and continue on a very twisty woodland path for 200m. At a path T junction with a garden fence and 3-fingered signpost visible 20m to the left, turn left and then at the fence turn right and in 10m follow the fence round to the left leading to a field in 40m. In the field turn left on a faint grass path which soon forks. Left goes to the Wattenden pub, while the right fork leads to a stile and earthen steps down with the turning to 'The Haven' 5m to the right.
A little shorter and a lot safer

Anonymous said...

that's all good stuff, but any ideas on walk numbers, weather, incidents, pubs etc.?