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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Sheffield to Bamford Day Walk PLUS Optional Extras for a Peak District Weekend

SWC 266:  Sheffield to Bamford:  From Urban Conurbation to the Wild Moorland of the Dark Peak T=SWC.266

Distance:  15.9 Miles or 25.5 km for those more metrically minded with shorter options available

Difficulty:  10 out of 10 (or 8 out of 10 for the short options)

Train:  Take the 8:58 AM East Midlands train to Sheffield from London St. Pancras, arriving at Sheffield at 10:59. Return trains from Bamford are at 18:44 or 19:42, which connect with trains back to London in Sheffield at 19:29 and 20:29, respectively…. Since Sheffield lies outside the Network Southeast Area, it is recommended to purchase Advance Tickets -- if still available.

This fascinating walk commences in the city center of one of Britain’s most populous cities and takes you on a journey to the wild moorland of the Dark Peak with its dramatic gritstone outcroppings (or Edges) before making a steep descent to Bamford in the lush Hope Valley.  The route cleverly brings you from the heart of the city, through an atmospheric Victorian cemetery and increasingly wild urban parkland before suddenly popping out onto remote moorland which should be ablaze in purple heather at this time of year. In complete contrast to the morning, the walk then continues through this rugged territory along the dramatic Burbage Rocks and Stanage Edge with stunning views far and wide.  All of this – only 2 hours from London!

It is possible to shorten the walk by 1.8 miles/2.9 km by taking a more direct route across the moorland which by-passes the recommended lunch pub – so you would need to have lunch at the early lunch pub or bring a picnic.  Alternatively, you could cut out some of the more urban stretches at the beginning by taking a bus to one of the various points along the morning route suggested in the walk instructions under Bus Shortcuts.  You can find more information about the walk (and the shortcut options) and download the walk instructions here.

The recommended lunch pub for the main walk is the Fox House Inn (01433 630 374 and with dramatic views and located 8.5 miles/13.7 km into the main walk.  Food is served all afternoon.  For those doing the shorter walk option, lunch could be had at The Norfolk Arms (0114 230 2197 and which is located 5.7 miles/9.2 km into the walk.

Tea and afternoon/evening refreshies can be had at the Anglers Rest in Bamford where we can also discuss some of the various route options for the Sunday Kinder Scout walk. Trains run hourly to Edale and towards Sheffield until about 19:36 (Hope/Edale)/19:42 (Hathersage/Sheffield), then at 20:59 and 22:45 (Edale) and 21:42 and 23:11 (Hathersage/Sheffield).

Also, as previously contemplated, for those wishing to extend their stay, we will plan to do a map-led Kinder Scout walk (a Peak District classic) on the Sunday 13 August with a start time of 9:48 AM  at Edale Station.  You should plan to stay somewhere in the Hope Valley – Edale, Bamford or Hathersage.  If unable to find suitable accommodation in any of these places, Sheffield itself would also work.  There is a train that leaves Sheffield at 9:14 AM on Sunday stopping at various places in the Hope Valley before arriving in Edale at 9:48. If planning to do the Kinder Scout walk and leave on Sunday, you should book an evening train from Edale (say 18:30ish or later) back on Sunday. Also, note, for the walks on Sunday, you should bring a picnic as there are no pubs on the higher terrain. 

Some will also be staying over to Monday for more walking with a probable route being from Edale (with 9:48 AM start time to meet those taking the train) to Hope along the Great Ridge....again, bring a packed lunch.....  If you have any questions, please email goepfertkarenATyahooDOTcom.

Enjoy the walk(s) and look forward to seeing you there!


Anonymous said...

This may be of interest

Thomas G said...

Many a different approaches to this walk today: 10 started the full walk from Sheffield station, 6 took a bus to the Forge Dam Cafe to pick up the walk there, 3 took a connecting train to Grindleford, meeting another 2 there, and climbing to the lunch pub from there, 2 had overnighted in Sheffield and started at different times, 1 took a later train, took the bus to Forge Dam and joined the other shortcutters there.
So in total n=24 in w=initially-overcast-then-sunny-with-cool-breeze weather.
Having done this walk on the exact same weekend last year, what was the biggest surprise was how different the heather wasbon the moors: a riot of purple and pink, for kilometres on end, easily the best heather display I have ever witnessed.
Lunch was quick and fine, at the Fox House Inn. The views stunning in the afternoon across the Hope Valley to the Kinder Scout plateau.
Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the walk, and all paid the Anglers Rest a visit at the end, some having dinner. Then everyone dispersed to their destinations, be they London, Edale, Hathersage or Sheffield. Or so we thought. The next Sheffield was cancelled, a supposed replacement bus never materialised, so 6 of us had a 2 hour wait for the scheduled bus service. And that was one of the highlights of the day, as it was full of testosterone filled and alcohol fueled village youth on way to their Saturday night out in town. Noisiest bus journey ever?

Thomas G said...

Oh... 2 of the 6 were supposed to connect to London, but the last train had gone. Supposedly they were taxied down to the Smoke...

Anonymous said...

Yes confirm that two found taxi waiting at Sheffield and back to London around two am. Adventurous end to an excellent day. Sylvia

Anonymous said...

To Karen,Thomas and all the participants - thank you so much for a great week-end in the Peak District.

Walker said...

20 stayed on to do a Sunday walk up from Edale station up onto Kinder Scout. Nearly all of us took the tough but exhilarating route up Grindsbrook Clough. Seven then went on to do a twelve mile walk around the perimeter of the vast plateau, descending via the Nab, while ten of us did a much shorter section of the plateau edge and descended to the valley via the Pennine Way. At least two did a reverse version of this, hoping also to climb Mam Tor on the other side of the valley in the afternoon, but time ran out on them. The weather started sunny, got cloudier but then was sunny for a time in the afternoon. Lots took evening trains back to London.

Only six of us remained to walk on Monday, a few other having peeled off due to blisters, other social engagements etc. It was cloudy but got sunnier as the morning developed. The afternoon was rather greyer (though with a patch of sun always on the Hope Valley) but threatened rain never materialised. Our route took us along the Grand Ridge along the south of the Vale of Edale - across Lord's Seat, Rushup Edge, Mam Tor, Hollins Cross, Back Tor and Lose Hill, then down to the village of Hope. After tea or stronger drinks, two got the 4.40pm train from there, others the 5.40pm. And so back to civilisation.