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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wednesday Walk - up and over the South Downs to Arundel

Book 2, Walk 22 - Amberley to Arundel ( a mix and match with Book 1 walk)

Length: from 14.5 km (9 miles) to 17.7 km (11 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10

London Victoria: 10-36 hrs (Bognor Regis train). CJ 10-42 hrs  EC 10-53 hrs
Arrive Amberley: 11-55 hrs

Return: Arundel to Victoria: 16-12, 16-46, 17-12, 17-47 and 18-12

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Arundel

Posting of walk subject to Southern Rail strike action - disruption to timetable

Many of my favourite walks have been un-doable for many a month due to the disruption to Southern Rail's excuse for a train service - but lets tempt fate and live dangerously today by attempting this lovely walk - a hybrid of two of the best TO Book walks: the start of Book 2, Walk 22, and post lunch, the reverse of the opening leg of Book 1, Walk  32 which takes you through the Duke of Norfolk's modest back garden (the old ones are the best ones.......).

The late start means you need to maintain a healthy pace up and over the Downs if you are to make the lunch stop in time - the George at Burpham - e.t.a 13-40 hrs - please 'phone ahead with numbers: 01903-883131.

Senior Railcard Holders: aka our old fogies - you have the option of taking the train one hour earlier - the 09-32 hrs from Victoria, arriving Amberley 10-55 hrs, and having a more leisurely morning's walk which could encompass an initial sweep of Amberley Wild Brooks (the reverse of the Book 1 closing leg) provided that they are not waterlogged, before setting out on the Book 2 walk. With the preamble your e.t.a at the George would be circa 13-20 hrs. I suggest after lunch old and young set out together on the very nice afternoon leg.  Should weather conditions be unkind today you have the option of taking the shorter, direct route (the Book 2 route) beside the River Arun all the way into Arundel, where you have a choice of tea stops and pubs.

Directions here: L=2.22

Next Week Wednesday 22 February SWC Walk 7 - Knockholt Circular


Anonymous said...

Any bad boy rumours about me are completely unfounded. I will be trotting along obediently at the back so any admirers know where to find me. Peace.
Max the dog.

Anonymous said...

Dear marcus,

thank you very much for posting this walks at long last. Please note I have also written a new walk from Amberley which is beautiful too but as yet unfinished as on one occasion I ended up in a tank training enclosure then I was stopped by rain . I hope to venture with other adventurous souls to find the remainder of this new walk in early April jfk

Anonymous said...

where have all comments gone ? anyways my human has a dodgy hip, poor old thing, and so we may not go anyway..ho hum..Max the dog.

Unknown said...

I am doing the walk Today. So I will see you there.

Stargazer said...

Well, where to begin...this was quite a day out....n=14 emerged into the mist from the VERY delayed posted train (including the more experienced members of the group who surprised the less experienced members by piling onto the train the stop before Amberley having encountered a series of delays and cancellation on their earlier train).... Apparently n=2 others did manage an earlier start of the walk but with our delayed start we never saw them en route. Given the late arrival and concerns over getting to the lunch pub in time, we set off at a brisk pace up the ridge in w=driving rain. This route is very nice and definitely holds the promise of lovely views under better weather conditions. Once the rain eased up a bit, the low cloud and mist on the hills was very atmospheric. Lunch at the George was a vast improvement over last week's fiasco -- a warm and cozy pub with good quality food. As it is a popular pub -- advance bookings are advised in the future. Once satiated, we set off on a more relaxed pace to Arundel doing the Book 1 route in reverse -- up the river for a spell then up the hill into Arundel Park. All agreed that this combination generates a great route borrowing the best parts of two different walks. Conditions finally dried and we were treated to two rainbows en route and some beautiful low sunshine on Arundel Castle when we arrived. Seven then retired to the White Hart for a post walk tipple and then, properly provisioned for the journey home, caught the 18:12 where we were greeted by a very friendly Southern guard who inquired whether we were a club or friends -- the reply from our party, a club and sometimes friends....Another great day out notwithstanding the auspicious start and damp conditions!

Anonymous said...

Historical duplicate/misleading attendance numbers cleanup project: n=16