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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Saturday Walk - South Downs Way Section 1: Winchester to West Meon or Hinton Ampner

Length:  26.0 km (16.2 mi) [shorter walk possible, see below]
Ascent/Descent:  420/395m
Net Walking Time:  6 hours
Toughness:  7 out of 10 
Take the 08.35 Weymouth train from Waterloo (CJ 08.44, Woking 09.04), arrives  Winchester 09.41.
From the finish you need to take a bus back to Winchester: Line 67 Petersfield – Winchester (West Meon 16.53, Hinton Ampner 17.04, arrives Winchester 17.41).
Return trains: into Paddington via Reading (faster: 75 mins) at 18.03, 18.36, 19.36…, into Waterloo (slower: 105 mins) at 17.48, 18.18, 18.48, 19.18Buy a Winchester return.

First posting of this (map-led) South Downs challenge.
The route leads through the centre of the historic Cathedral City and across the Itchen River up to the westerly end of the South Downs: the first tops are Telegraph Hill and the lovingly named Cheesefoot Head, then progress through Temple Valley and Gander Down to early lunch at a (basic) pub in Beauworth. After that it’s not long to Beacon Hill (one of the many), followed by a descent to Exton village for the late lunch option, and then to turn north east for a slight re-ascent along a dismantled railway line and a final drop into the Meon Valley for the bus back to Winchester.
There is only one realistic bus back (but also a pub open all afternoon to while away the time in), so if unexpectedly running late against schedule, two shortcuts are possible, either to Hinton Ampner (turnoff after 15.7 km), or on a more direct route to West Meon (turnoff after 18.4 km), check out the route map here.
Missed that bus? You have to take the same bus line in the other direction to Petersfield (Hinton Ampner 18.28, West Meon 18.41). Petersfield is on a different train line, though…!

Lunch: The Milbury's (food to 14.30) in Beauworth (14.7 km/9.1 mi) or The Shoe Inn in Exton (20.7 km/12.9 mi, food to 15.00, so doable, unless the gpx file on our site understates the ascent en route dramatically). Tea: The Thomas Lord in West Meon or The Hinton Arms in Hinton Ampner and plenty of options in Winchester.
For summary, map, height profile and gpx/kml files  click here.t=swc.182


Walker said...

It is too late for lunch but The Shoe in Exton is a highly recommended pub.

Thomas G said...

Thanks Walker. Seeing that Winchester is your 'manor', any tips for a post-walk dinner spot, should the urge arise?

Walker said...

In my family we tend to eat at The Shoe!! I am not so up on dining places in Winchester. The Wyckham Arms in Kingsgate Street is a lovely pub: more centrally the Old Vine is nice. But last time I tried to eat after a walk in Winchester it was a question of finding anywhere with a free table. There is a lively dining scene but everywhere is busy on Saturday nights. Nothing else to do in Winchester on a Saturday night, I would guess, but perhaps this is me extrapolating from my teenage years.....

Thomas G said...

well, with our (necessarily) early start, The Shoe should actually be doable. posting updated accordingly.

Walker said...

If you are going to rely on The Shoe, ring first to check they have space. It is a good place for lunch but it does get quite booked. It has a nice riverside garden but I am guessing this is not an option at this time of year.

Thomas G said...

for anyone traveling from W or NW London: there is no Jubilee Line service Wembley Park to Waterloo this weekend...

Kelda said...

Oooh, a lovely long walk :) See you on the train!

Walker said...

n=15 braved the 8.35 train to do this walk, and our reward was a fine outing in w=fairly-sunny_and-mild weather. To be specific it started sunny, got a bit cloudier around the middle of the day, then cleared to a glorious late afternoon.

My family have lived in Winchester for 47 years but I did not know the South Downs Way route out of the city. Maybe this is because it begins inauspiciously on a busy road intersection. (Could they not find a better starting point for this wonderful long distance path? In front of the cathedral maybe?). This minor glitch apart, after a lovely walk through historic Winchester the path headed out across the fields with blue sky above and a lark singing (briefly): what better start could one want?

This section of the SDW is mainly high rolling farmland with distant though extensive views (including an intriguing one of the Isle of Wight to the south): not classic downland, but easy underfoot, with lots of tracks and broad paths along arable fields. As a result the 16.2 miles flew by, even for the non-distance walkers among us (ie me). The scenic highlight was the descent into the Meon Valley from Beacon Hill, which was very lovely. Alas, no time to daly there, because we had to hoof it along the old railway line to West Meon for the 4.53 bus. We got this comfortably, but more time to linger in the pleasant Thomas Lord pub would have been nice.

Lunch had been in Milbury's, the most rustic rural inn I have been in on the walks, with locals with mud-bespattered trousers, an enormous treadmill and 300 foot deep well in one corner, and generous portions of food. A real ale expert took us to another quirky pub in Winchester - the Black Boy, whose many decorations included a stuffed giraffe's neck and head (it looked and felt authentic) and a foghorn used as a lampholder. Its food offering was limited, however, and so eight of us negotiated our way into a busy Zizzis in the High Street for refuelling.

On the way back the train we got on was full to the gunwales with football supporters, meaning we had to stand as far as Basingstoke. The original idea was to switch at this station to a faster train to Waterloo (the trains being all mixed up due to engineering works). My companions decided not to do this change, while I did, so they travelled to London with the two bottles of red wine and prosecco, while I had to console myself with the chocolate. Which of us did more damage to our metabolism I do not know, but I got home 45 minutes earlier....