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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Sky Gardens, Thames Path from Monument to Putney, and a Riverside pub

Entry to the Sky Gardens is now sold out for Thursday, but you can join the walk at Monument tube at 11:30. Remember you need a passport (they check ids). You can book for up to 10 people.

If someone could bring a Time Out Country Walks book to wave around that would be nice.

The meeting place for this extra (special) midweek walk is the Sky Gardens, a viewing gallery on top of the 'walkie talkie' office block near Monument tube. Meet there at 10:45. Arrive earlier if you want to look at the view. Its a large enclosed glass piazza, with an outside terrace on 1 side. Great views of the square mile. There's a kiosk if you want coffee.

Leave at 11:15, pass Monument tube at 11:30, and look for people who left it too late to get tickets, head to the Thames, and go west.

Sky Gardens : 10:45
Monument tube : 11:30
Wetherspoons pub near Putney Bridge: ~ 15:30

1. Head west along the North bank for a change, cross the wobbly bridge to the Tate.
2. South bank, cross Westminster Bridge, walk round Parliament
3. Cross Lambeth bridge to the south bank
4. Cross Vauxhall bridge back to the north bank
5. Cross Chelsea bridge to the south bank, go past Battersea park
6. Cross Albert bridge to the north bank
7. Cross Battersea back to the south. Then there's a longer stretch (the north looks OK here too)
8. Stay on the south bank past Wandsworth bridge
9. A longer stretch past Wandsworth Park.
10. Pass a riverside Wetherspoons just before Putney Bridge. This is your suggested lunch / afternoon tea spot. Thursday is Curry Club. Putney BR is close by. Putney tube is across the river, and there are buses to Wimbledon and Tooting (Northern line)
11. Recommended, Cross Putney Bridge to the north bank,  (Hint: there's something noteworthy about the churches at either end of it). Wander around Bishops Park, and visit Fulham Palace (free). Return to the pub
12. If you really want to continue, Cross Putney Bridge, follow the north bank ... change to the south bank at Kew Bridge... north at Kingston ... south at Hampton Court


Marcus said...

4 of us enjoyed the wonderful view from the "Walkie Talkie" sky garden - highly recommended to all - and from our meet-up place at the Monument n=5 of us set out on a 8 mile Thames Path walk, switching from north to south sides of the river and back via numerous bridges. The Weather did not look auspicious when we started - steady rain - but fortunately it soon stopped and for the rest of the day it was w=overcast-with-occasional-glimpses-of-sun. We stopped for lunch at one of my Pimlico locals, the Morpeth Arms, where we enjoyed a light lunch and a good pint. Onwards, then, back and forth over more Thames bridges, down Battersea Park, to Wandsworth Park and into Putney. By then we were pleased to conclude our walk, for eight miles on tarmac and concrete takes its toll on aged limbs. Refreshments and home. Those that stayed away missed a great day out.

Marion said...

Can certainly recommend the Sky Garden for views and chose the fine dining option over the Brasserie. Spent my birthday there last month. If we're going to have more mid week walks why not alternate with Thursdays and Tuesdays when there's less competition from Ramblers mid-week walks and remember that discounted fares don't start til 10.00am for some younger walkers. South East trains tell me that from 20 Feb they will not sell tickets on trains with a discount rail cards from boundary zone 6 unless you find the guard before the train reaches zone 6.this affects those travelling from unmanned stations and Antoine unable to buy a ticket at the mainline station did running late. REMEMBER MY RUN IN WITH SOUTH WEST TRAINS WHEN A GUARD TRIED TO HAVE ME ARRESTED AT GULDFORD.