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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Burnham Beeches, the Thames and Stanley Spencer

Book 1 Walk 40 – Gerrards Cross to Cookham or Marlow
Length: 15.4km (9.6 miles) or 21.8km (13.5 miles) Toughness: 2/10 or 3/10

10:43Banbury train fromMarylebone arriving at Gerrards Cross at 11:02.

Return trains from Marlow to Paddington, changing at Maidenhead, are at xx:01, calling at Cookham 15 minutes later. (total journey time 1 hour 19 mins). The connecting trains from Maidenhead call at Ealing Broadway.

The start and finish stations are on different lines so best advice is to get an All Zones Travelcard and buy singles from or to the boundary of Zone 6 for each leg of the journey.

This is a pleasant and fairly easy walk through Bulstrode Park and Burnham Beeches to the Thames at Cookham, with an opportunity to visit the Stanley Spencer gallery. If you arrive there by about 3:45pm, you could extend the walk by 3.5 miles by taking the Thames Path to Marlow which you should reach before daylight fails if you don’t dally.

Both the Jolly Woodman (tel 01753 644 350) and the Blackwood Arms (tel 01753 645 672) at Littleworth Common have been recommended for the lunch stop.

The walk directions can be found on the Book 1 Walk 40 page, or can be downloaded as a PDF here, but you’ll need the actual book for the map.


Unknown said...

I see there are two walks planned for Sunday 22nd Jan. I would like to know if anyone is going on either walk so I'm not alone.


Anonymous said...

I plan on doing this one

Gabriellac said...

I plan on doing the Burnham Beeches one ending at the Stanley Spencer gallery
It's going to be a beatiful sunny day
Do come I don't want to be alone either !

Ian T said...

N=15 plus one (well-behaved) dog (Max). Weather w=cold-dry-sunny A frost persisted all day and any available mud was frozen.
The group split for lunch, some going to the Blackwood Arms and others to the Jolly Woodman. I overheard one rave review for the former. And so on to Cookham.
A good day out, the only downside being the non-arrival of the 16:16. It disappeared off the indicators without explanation. It did eventually show up, after a worrying 10 mins at below zero temperatures, just in time for us to miss the connection at Maidenhead. :(