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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sunday Walk 1 – the Ridgeway Path through Chequers

Book 1 Walk 52 – Princes Risborough to Wendover
Length: 16.8 km (10.4 miles). Toughness: 6/10

10:13 Aylesbury (via High Wycombe) train from Marylebone, arriving Princes Risborough at 11:00. Buy a day return to Aylesbury, which is valid to both Princes Risborough and Wendover.

Trains back from Wendover to Marylebone are at 26 & 56 minutes past the hour.

The original lunch pub on this Chilterns walk closed several years ago but detailed directions have recently been added for a detour to the Swan in Smokey Row, described as pleasant and walker-friendly. Earlier you pass the Plough in Lower Cadsden but this is likely to be overrun with Chinese tourists, simply because their Premier was taken there by Dave a year or two ago – in fact it's now owned by a Chinese conglomerate. At the end of the walk there's a choice of tea places in Wendover, all doubtless familiar to regular walkers.

The directions point out a couple of ways of shortening the walk. If you don't want a pub lunch you can save over 3 km by omitting the detour to Smokey Row, and later you can save about 1½ km by staying on the Ridgeway and bypassing Dunsmore.

You'll need to print the directions from the Walk 52 page (Book 1 doesn't have the new lunch pub detour).

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