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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Saturday 1st Walk - A short walk in the Shoreham Valley

Otford to Eynsford - Book 1 Walk 23
8.8 miles/14.1 km

This replaces the Knockholt to Otford walk originally posted, but you can still do this walk on 27 December.  If you cannot wait that long to enjoy the charms of Knockholt station, I plan to do the original morning route from Knockholt to catch anyone unaware of the change of plan.  All routes lead to Shoreham for lunch.

Trains: Take the 10:22 Canterbury West train from London Victoria, arriving at Otford at 10:56.  Return trains from Eynsford to London Blackfriars at xx13/xx43.  A return to Otford covers both stations. 

LunchShoreham has several pubs - the route takes you past the Kings Arms, the George Inn and  The Crown are slightly off route.

Mid-afternoon refreshments are available at the Lullingstone Visitor Centre.  Once in Eynsford, the route passes The Plough Inn and the Riverside Tea Room (open til 5pm), before heading up the main road to the station past the Malt Shovel.

Click here to download the walk directions (pdf)


Anonymous said...

I am interested in picking a walk to lead out on 30th December 2016. Has anyone grabbed this slot yet? jfk

Andrew said...

To JFK: yes you can post a walk on the 30th. Write a post and send it to saturdaywalkers xxAtxxx and I will put it on the site for you [Walker]

Anonymous said...

I may be on the train arriving Otford 11.07, due to the Southern strike.

BrightSpark said...

Got lost in the morning because I mistakenly thought I new the whole route by heart! Thankfully I had downloaded the walk onto my phone. n=22 w=misty-all-day. Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you to the walk posters, you bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of people throughout the whole year.