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Friday, 23 December 2016

Day walk

CW2 Walk 19 - Stonegate Circular variation
Length: 10 km (6.2 miles). Toughness: 1/10
Standard walk option: 15.5km (9.6 miles)
Catch the 10:15 from Charing Cross (Waterloo East: 10:18, London Bridge 10:23) arrives Stonegate 11:26.
Return from Stonegate 15:23 16:18 16:51 17:17 17:52....

This walk uses a shorter morning section into Burwash, thereafter it is the standard Stonegate Circular walk via Burwash Weald to Stonegate station. As well as the main walk directions here, you'll also need to download the Stonegate Options pdf file.

Pages required:
From the TOCW2_Walk_19_Stonegate_Options.pdf file print pages 1-2 inc. for the walk into Burwash.
From the TOCW2_Walk_19_Stonegate_Circular.pdf file print pages 1, 4-7 inc. for the walk from Burwash via Burwash Weald back to Stonegate station.

I've posted this walk as I need to check missed out sections from the walk check carried out earlier this year on Sat 4th June. As the morning section of this variation is fairly short it may be preferable to stop for lunch at the Wheel Inn, Burwash Weald, rather than in Burwash. Of course any others coming on this walk may prefer to take the standard longer 15.5km route. (In the afternoon after Burwash Weald I want to check a small section of the long walk out from Burwash Weald that has possibly changed since June, so I will probably end up walking 14 - 15km.)



DAC said...

Intend going.

Anonymous said...

might do this

Anonymous said...

is anyone doing this walk please?

JohnL said...

Yes intend going and will will do the the standard route back to Stonegate total 10 km 6.2 miles

JohnL said...

Sorry please ignore last post, grandchild minding crisis so not able to join you today

sylvia said...

4 people on this walk through pretty countryside in a part of Sussex that has a remote feel. We didn't catch up with our walk checker after our lunch time split though I think the remaining three ended up doing the main walk, about 9 miles. Lunch in the Rose and Crown was very pleasant, a lovely old pub and a good menu. We skirted by Batemans which looked particularly beautiful in the winter air.

Anonymous said...