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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Third Walk

CW2 Walk 4 - Chesham to Great Missenden
Length: 15.5 km (9.6 miles). Toughness: 3/10

Catch the 9:50 Metropolitan line train from Baker Street (Aldgate: 9:32), arrives Chesham 10:44.
Return from Great Missenden xx:29 xx:59 until 22:29 T=2.4


DAC said...

Intend going.

David Colver said...

n=5 on this walk, in w=decent_sunshine_for_most_of_the_day.

In the pantheon of SWC walks, this ranks in my view at the dull end of the spectrum, with little variety in the scenery and nothing much interesting to see. It does have the virtue that it's easy to reach, Chesham being at the end of the Metropolitan Line. Even that advantage failed it on Saturday, with disruption on the Metropolitan, District and Circle lines, some pre-advertised, some not, leading me to arrive too late at Baker Street for the appointed train, and, I learned later, that train not to appear.

So I took a later combination of trains and walked alone. Just outside The Cock and Rabbit Inn in The Lee there is a worm hole that is the entrance to a time warp, taking one back a number of decades to an era where life was simpler. In that distant corner of space and time I found another SWC regular, who had chosen to devote the afternoon to retracing the morning's route.

He reported that he and three others eventually got to Chesham, only for the group to dissolve before it left the station, with a couple slow to move off the platform, him going back to find out what was delaying them and hearing that they were looking for a lost travel pass and would likely go no further, and then discovering that the fourth individual had given up waiting and moved on ahead, never to be seen again. It's therefore likely that three individuals did this walk, or variations of it, separately, and two returned to London without starting. There may have been others who got not further than Baker Street.

Cafe Twit in Great Missenden had chocolate cake, which was agreeable, and many excited small children, less so. I think I might recommend the quieter branch of Costa Coffee, further along the High Street on the corner of the road to the station.