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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Saturday First Walk - Greensand hills and woodlands

SWC Walk 63 - Oxted Circular
12 miles / 19.25 km

This walk explores the woodlands of the Greensand hills.  Lunch is at Westerham (a possible drop-out point) after 5.5 miles, so make sure you leave enough time to return to Oxted before darkness falls and the cakes sell out,

Trains: Take the 10:08 Uckfield train from London Bridge (10:23 East Croydon), arriving at Oxted at 10:37.  Return trains are at xx19 to London Bridge, xx24/54 to London Victoria.  Westerham has buses to Oxted and Bromley South.

Lunch: Westerham has many places to eat - three large and central pubs are the George & Dragon (01959-563071), the Kings Arms Hotel (01959-562990), the Grasshopper on the Green (01959-562926)

Tea: Pass through Oxted station to reach Café Papillon at 54 Station Road West, open til 5pm.  Also on the same side and right next to the station is the Oxted Inn, a Wetherspoon's pub.

Click here for walk directions (pdf)


1 comment:

Walker said...

N=29 on this walk including 2 late starters. W=Sunny-until-3pm-when-it-rained-heavily. Gorgeous autumn colours - full tint on beech, oak, Norway maple. All looked ready to be stripped in the next gale so I would not expect much foliage to be left by next week. Inevitably the best colour - a heart-stopping panorama of golden beech - was just as the light started to fade and the rain started, so my photos did not work too well.

We split between three pubs in Westerham. The George and Dragon insisted on table service but were quick to take orders. A bit slow to produce it and the portions were a bit small for my appetite but the food was tasty. Lots of attention was needed to the directions in the afternoon but we all seemed to finish by dusk. The Papillon tea room must have been delighted or dismayed to get 17 late customers for tea and the pub entertained ten or so of us. The last of us got the 18.19 train and then rushed home to hot baths and Strictly.