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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Red deer in Richmond Park

SWC 188 Richmond Circular

Distance 12km (7.5m); toughness 1/10.

Travel to Richmond (Zone 4) by tube or train and meet in the forecourt of Richmond station at 11am to start walking by 11.10am

This short walk is usually posted in winter but I thought I would give it an October outing so you have the chance to view the autumn rut of Richmond Park’s resident population of red and fallow deer.

Important note: red deer stags in particular can be aggressive in the autumn rut so you must keep your distance: 50m at least. See here for further advice and information.

The park should be looking splendid as the leaves start to change colour. You will also have plenty of time to explore Richmond and enjoy its pubs and cafes.

Walk directions and information on lunch and refreshments can be found here


Peteb said...

Did anyone do this walk?

Anonymous said...

9 walkers in total on a sunny day. 5 set off at the appointed time from Richmond and were joined by two more at the entrance to Richmond Park, where most headed straight to Pembroke Lodge for an early lunch. Two continued with their packed lunches to Isabella Plantation where they were joined by two more late starters. Lots of Red stags and Fallow bucks were prowling around but obstinately refused to engage in rutting behaviour. Both groups met up at the exit from the park to descend into Richmond where some partook of refreshment.

PeteB said...

Thanks Anon, perhaps we can make this an annual SWC rutting walk but maybe the 3rd week in October.

Anonymous said...

n=9 w=sunny