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Sunday, 11 September 2016

South Downs ramble

SWC Walk 39 Amberley to Pulborough

Distance 17.7km (11m)*  Toughness 7/.10; long climb to start then flatter after lunch

*the gpx file indicates the walk is actually  around 12m.

Trains: London Victoria 10.02 (Clapham Junction 10.08, East Croydon 10.17) arrive Amberley 11.25

Return trains from Pulborough to London Victoria at xx:26

Buy a day return to Amberley

Superb views over the Downs with lunch at the  White Horse Inn Sutton (01798 873321).

The tea stop is the White Hart pub 30 mins from Pulborough Station.

Full walk directions can be found here


Anonymous said...

I may come on the appointed train and do further research on a new walk I have three quarters written from Amberley jfk

David Colver said...

Specified train cancelled

Anonymous said...

I am at Victoria. Anyone planning to take the next train?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to do cowden to hever instead

David Colver said...

Andrew and I taking 1017 to East Grinsted

Anonymous said...

Will try and join east grinstead. Which walk are you doing

Anonymous said...

Mind if I join East Grinstead too?

Anonymous said...

Following cancellation of the advertised train to Amberley and faced with an hour before the next train, atr a bit of online discussion, n=4 diverted to East Grinstead. We did the eastern loop, across to Forest Row for lunch at The Swan where the walks inspector was content with the quantity and quality the Sunday roast. Then on to East Grinstead with two stopping at The Dorset Arms and two taking the longer river route to the station.

Anonymous said...

w=warm-and-sunny by the way. A suggestion was made to have an SWC nominated meeting point at mainline stations, in case of train cancellations.

NickH said...

Sorry to hear the London contingent couldn't make it to Amberley this morning. It's a good summer walk, but the instructions do need some amending. Knoll Bungalow is now Knoll House, Tripp Hill Farm is now a warehouse for a sofa supplier and the suggested end of the walk was so so overgrown, I had to walk along the A283 for the last couple of miles to Pulborough train station.

PeteB said...

Well done to the East Grinstead 4. I did have my fingers crossed when posting this South Downs excursion but with Southern you cannot predict which trains will be cancelled and those which will run. Its just pot luck!

David Colver said...

The Amberley cancellation was due to a signalling malfunction, not staffing issues.