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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Saturday First Walk Dover to Deal or Sandwich

Saturday First Walk Dover to Deal (or Sandwich) T=2.30

Walk: Deal: 3 out of 10, 10.7 miles (17.2km) L=2.30

The weather forecast suggests it might be a fine weekend, hopefully making the travelling time worthwhile. You should arrive in Deal around 16.30. which give 2 hours for the optional 5 mile extension to Sandwich, before sunset at 18.30.

Travel: Get the 0942 high speed train to Dover Priory from St Pancras International, arrives 1049. Buy a Super Off Peak return to Deal (£30.30 or £19.95 with railcard fare to Sandwich seems to be the same price as that to Deal). If you know your travel plans, there is a slightly cheaper Advance ticket.
Return trains are xx03 (via Dover) and xx25 (via Ramsgate).  You can save money by travelling from Charing Cross 0840 arrive 1034, but with longer journey times.

Lunch: The Coastguard (01304 853176, on the beach at St Margaret’s Bay ( food until 2.45).

Sandwich Extension
There are a number of options for walking to Sandwich, but the most direct is turning away from the coast at The Sandwich Bay Estate. Continuing to follow the Saxon Way increases the distance to 6 miles.


PeteG said...
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PeteG said...

n=6. w=rain-windy-sunshine Luckily we were in Dover when the clouds opened up and sheltered in shop doorways, watching the Tudor Festival parade get soaking wet. A morning of frequent showers and slippery paths (not good on a cliff walk!). The Coastguard was busy and booked up, but the 4 pub lunch people squeezed onto a small bar table. The afternoon was dry and we had blue skies for an enjoyable tea on the pier. We all returned from Deal.

One of us had previously done the Sandwich extension, and said it wasn't that good, but best done in June for the flowers on the beach.