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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sunday Walk 2 – the North Downs ridge

Extra Walk 4 – Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Length: Up to 17 km (10.6 miles), with shorter options. Toughness: 4 or 5/10

10:25 Horsham train from Victoria (Clapham Jct 10:36, Selhurst 10:47, East Croydon 10:52), arriving Merstham at 11:06.

Trains return from Tattenham Corner at 29 & 59 minutes past the hour. They give up at Tulse Hill because of engineering work at London Bridge but you can change at East Croydon for Victoria.

Tickets: You can use Oyster at both stations but Merstham is outside Zone 6. The cheapest option is probably a day return to Merstham plus a one-zone single from Tattenham Corner to Purley on the return journey.

A shortish walk along the North Downs ridge to Mogador, then across Banstead Heath to Epsom Downs racecourse. The Sportsman is likely to be busy at lunchtime but it's got a big garden so you should be able to get a pub lunch if you want it.

You'll need to print the directions from the Extra Walk 4 page. Clicking 'Main' on the Walk Options heading will hide the directions which only apply to the Circular Walks.


Marc Ricketts said...

Now I might do the walk on Sunday. But I can't Guarantee I will. Another thing. I can't seem to Download the directions the walk neither.

Sean said...

Marc: you don't download a separate file with these directions. Just go to the walk page and print it directly from your web browser.

Sean said...

n=8 on this hastily-arranged walk, plus three more who found their own way to the lunch pub and promptly disappeared again. The shady stretches were welcome on a w=hot-and-humid day. The Sportsman was as busy as expected and one walker's lunch arrived long after the rest, but otherwise they coped pretty well. At Epsom Downs we all succumbed to the lure of a Mr Whippy van selling chemicals-on-a-stick. My decision to stride off for the 16:29 train was grudgingly followed by the others but as we then discovered that the next train had been cancelled it turned out well.