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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Midweek Walk - Branksome to Swanage, SWC 73

Basically, it's the same information posted for [Saturday]. The cheap fare deal £16 with Southwest trains is available. The train leaves Waterloo at 9:35. Ticket to Wareham.

The buses from Swanage to Wareham are 17.05, 18.05 and 19.05.

The trains from Wareham to London will be less busy on Wednesday but it's still a long trip. Trains leave Wareham at 18.28, 18.53, 19.28 and 19.57.

I will stop for a swim. Avert your eyes. 😵 Lunch is in Shell Bay bistro after the chain ferry. Great picnic walk.

Joe's cafe for tea at the very end of South Beach. Ignore the walk instructions which direct you off the beach at the new National Trust cafe, although it does save you the seaweed at the very end of the beach.😱 last year there was a tap at Joe's cafe where you could wash the sand off your feet before setting off for Harry rock.

[Optionally,] You can extend the walk to Corfe Castle and get the bus there. Ridge walk giving 14 miles distance.



Marion said...

I'm coming and got my ticket

Thomas G said...

based on recent midweek experience with this train, on a sunny day it will be chock a block with families and cyclists going to the beaches and cliffs: standing room only from Woking onwards. Be prepared to dash to the platform the moment it is announced (likely to be 7), if you want to sit together. And don't expect the quiet coaches to be quiet, or the train to arrive on time...

Marion said...

Thanks Thomas you're quite right- my experience travelling to Weymouth with Basingstoke signal failure and hooligans on return journey. Couldn't have been worse so I'm prepared.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Will be boiling on Wednesday. Will there be any forest walking or will it be very exposed? New to group. Cheers.

PeteB said...

For anyone who does not fancy a long trip to the seaside I'll be out giving my short Essex walk (Epping to Ongar, 8m, 2/10) a final check and you are welcome to join me. Epping is at the far eastern end of the Central Line. Bus back from Ongar to Epping tube - 25 mins)
Nice pub at Toot Hill (or is that nice toot at pub hill?...). 60% of walk is in woodland shade. See new walks directory for maps and walk instructions. Start walking from outside Epping tube station at 11am.

ramblinros said...

As advised below, I join these SWT trains at waterloo as soon as platform announced and travel on my own. Hooligans can be pain wherever.However, it is your destination which is over popular - anything going through Bournemouth is oversubscribed. Swimmers - why not enjoy gorgeous beaches on the Isle of Wight and a voyage to boot- either to Ryde from Portsmouth - may then Ryde, or bus to Bembridge and over Culver Down for more time swimming on the glorious acres of sands of Sandown, I am always puzzled buy enthusiasm about a load of old rocks at Eastbourne or Brighton. Alternativelr ferry Lymington to Yarmoutht circulaar taking advantage of the clever new coastal path over the landslip between beautiful for swimmers Colwell and Totland bays, or/and Freshwater later - also, so very much more interesting walking than the over popular Shell Bay etc
and you'll probably get a seat from Brockenhurst, if you travel back after the families from Bournemouth - what's the hurry on the wonderful Island- the George in Yarmouth is splendid
have fun away from the crowds

Anonymous said...

Yes, we did a SWC walking weekend on the Isle Of Wight just a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

The 9.35 doesn't stop at Clapham Junction. The earliest train you can get from Clapham Junction with the £16 return ticket is the 9.46, arriving at Branksome at 12.48

Anonymous said...

Or a faster train is the 10.27 arriving at Branksome 12.29 (change at Woking)

Andrew said...

At Waterloo, if you go on to any at platform, and walk half way along, there is a connecting tunnel between them. If you wait in the tunnel, by the stairs up, you are already half way along the platform when it's announced... And there's no pinch point at the platform entrance

Anonymous said...


9 off the train, where did our 10th walker go? 4 ahead on a walk. 5 behind on swimfest which seemed to take the whole day necessitating a bus from Studland to Wareham. Drinks and local produce consumed on the train back. Great day out for the swimmers. That walking malarkey will never catch on.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed the rest of you. I thought you'd all be way ahead and that it was unlikely I'd catch up so I did a variation taking in some of the heathland then a brief swim before getting the bus to Bournemouth.

Anonymous said...

JFK where did u go?