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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Third Walk

SWC Walk 12a - Faversham to Herne Bay

Length: 23.8 km (14.8 miles). Toughness: 1/10
Shorter (standard) walk option to Whitstable: 15.7km (9.8 miles).

Catch the 10:07 from London Victoria arrives Faversham 11:23. Buy a day return to Herne Bay. For the standard walk buy a day return to Whitstable. Return from Herne Bay xx:21 until 22:21 (xx:28 Whitstable) to Victoria.*

Lunch: There are many possibilities in Whitstable. The Old Neptune is the suggested lunch stop.
Standard walk: The Sportsman will almost certainly be fully booked days / weeks in advance. Suggest Poppet's Café & Tea Room. 400 Faversham Road, Seasalter. (Street View looking west along Seasalter Road.)

* Slightly shorter journey time to St. Pancras xx:44 (xx:50 Whitstable); additional cost.


DAC said...

Intend going.

Unknown said...

Now I might do the walk on Saturday. But I can't Guarantee I will.

DAC said...

n=12 of us on an W=overcast_and_warm day. Compared to the first and last walk check in 2006, there is now far more accessible coast walking past Seasalter, with only a 150 metre stretch off shore before arriving at the Old Neptune pub. So no more diversions inland over the railway to the inland road and back again. Once alongside the Creek it is now a very straightforward walk and I suspect that the updated directions will hold up well until the next scheduled walk check in 2026.

PS - Belated thanks to Walker for researching and adding in ~2008 the updated section from the station through historic Faversham Town to Faversham Creek vs. the original dull section out to the Creek.

Red Rambler said...

Just to add that 5 of us had great fresh fish lunch in Oyster Pearl pub just beyond Seasalter, we stayed on for the oyster festival at Whitstable enjoying music by the sea. Thanks for posting Ian.

David Colver said...

A couple of points on Faversham to Whitstable, which I followed an hour early than recommended as an 1130 start to the actual walking is later than I enjoy.

Last time a walk (possibly the same route) took me to Whitstable it was timed to coincide with the Whitstable Oyster Festival. As it happens, this walk coincided with the Oyster Festival too, but the walk posting overlooked this detail, or if it didn't I did. It's worth knowing as there are many stalls selling interesting food, not confined to Oysters.

Not knowing about the festival stalls, I stopped at Poppet's Cafe and Tearoom and was given a warm and cheerful welcome. Main courses are generously proportioned and at £4-5 barely more than a pint of beer at other places. The upmarket (in terms of food ambition, if not outside appearance) Sportsman pub had a handwritten sign in the window saying it was fully booked for food.