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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Amberley and Arundel

T=SWC.100 Length: 23 km / 14 m
Toughness: 6 / 10
Transport: Take the 9:36 train from London Victoria, arriving at Amberley at 10:55
Return from Amberley at 17:17, 18:17, 18:59, 19:20 and later trains

This is a lovely walk along the Arun and up onto the nearby downs visiting Arundel at the half-way point. I suggest the walk via North and South Stokes with their picturesque churches.


Anonymous said...

You have not told us how to find the directions for this walk, or indeed which walk number it is

Anonymous said...

It's the downloadable walk book 3, walk 100. This is the link to the walk page

Anonymous said...

Keen to do this walk - anyone else?

Sean said...

When the Sunday walkers did this walk three weeks ago some of the footpaths in §7 were very overgrown. The directions have been updated to point out alternative routes which you could take.

The walk's unusual design is Amberley->Arundel->Amberley->Arundel, with different routes for each leg. So if you stop for lunch in Arundel, that's only one-third of the way through the full 23km version. If you want to visit the churches Dirk recommends you'll need to do the third leg, whereas the return train times assume you'll call it a day and return from Amberley (as we all did in June). Of course, you can always vary the walk and do some or all of the sections in a different order, or even in reverse. Your choice!

PS. Buy a return to Amberley and a supplement on the way back if you return from Arundel. See the Transport section.

David Colver said...

Is this walk different from the one of two or three weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

David's question was not answered. Anyone turn up on walk?

Dirk said...

n=3 people did a variation of an Amberley circular walk on this w=sunny-and-hot day. We followed the instructions from Amberley in the morning until after the descent from Arundel Park where we decided to walk passed the lovely Swanbourne Lake and via the "grand Arun loop" into Arundel. After a picnic and a drink we resumed the instructions of the leg back to Amberley with a slight detour via South and North Stokes in order to have a look at the churches. Parts of the detour proved to be almost a jungle adventure with the path overgrown way above our heads and brambles and nettles cannily stretching themselves towards us making it impossible to escape unscratched. A great day out in superb countryside.