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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Midweek Evening Walk

Mile End and Victoria Parks

Meet 19:15 at the entrance to Mile End underground station. This is a self-led walk.

Destination pub: The Morgan Arms or The Corborn.



Thomas G said...

copy of the original post but w/o n= and w=, so that the full number of walkers from the following post gets captured...

Anonymous said...

1 having missed the (perhaps non-existent) group by 15 minutes I started the walk alone to try out the Hikesmith iPhone app in glorious-sun-fading-to-pleasantly-cloudy. Park-lovers should note that most of the Victoria Park section is closed off, apparently due to the wrong sort of rain at the Field Day festival last weekend. Nevertheless a very pleasant urban walk and easy to navigate. The canal side section is well used by commuting cyclists - I recommend walking in a straight line and keeping your ears peeled if you don't want to get knocked into the canal. I didn't bother with the on-road return route to Mile End

Thomas G said...

n=8 walkers then in w=dry-but-humid conditions.
7 were on time and waited a while for potential laties, as Central and H&C line were troubled, but - admittedly - not 15 mins. After an extended tour through Mile End Park South we were then probably behind Anonymous Walker 8. Another extension became necessary as the Field Day-Festival high wooden fencing was still in place and blocking the exit path.
Very pleasant walk, immaculate parks with plenty of features to look at. 5 walkers then descended onto the Morgan Arms gastropub and had a rather nice meal (3) or just a few drinks (2).