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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Third walk

CW2 Walk 18 option - Etchingham to Robertsbridge
Length: 25 km (15.5 miles). Toughness: 4/10
Catch the 10:15 from Charing Cross (Waterloo East: 10:18 - does not stop at London Bridge) arrives Etchingham 11:30.
Buy a day return to Robertsbridge.
Return from Robertsbridge 18:14 18:44 xx:14 until 22:14
Cutting it short to Etchingham 21.5km (13.4 miles)

This walk (as Etchingham circular) has had 3 outings as a midweek day walk over the past years, but never as a weekend walk. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is a "lost walk" - buried away as as a downloadable option for CW2 Walk 18 Wadhurst Circular, and titled "Wadhurst to Robertsbridge Long Walk Option". However within the document is a start from Etchingham station with the option to finish at Robertsbridge or an earlier finish at Etchingham - now with a refreshment stop.

The directions for the whole walk (Robertsbridge or Etchingham finish) are contained within the Wadhurst to Roberstbridge Long Walk Option.pdf *  Only downside is a fairly early lunch stop after 7km at The Bull Inn, Three Leg Cross. Thereafter apart from a petrol station convenience store close to the crossing of an A road, nothing until your arrival at Robertsbridge or Etchingham.

*Only necessary to print out pages 6-12. An alternative shorter route: skirt along the south side of Bewl Water and head back to Wadhurst. You can use SWC Walk 208 for directions.


DAC said...

Intend going.

Mike said...

This looks devilishly complicated! In what sense is it an option for Walk 2/18, i.e. does it overlap with the walk in the printed book?

DAC said...

All you need is the pdf walk option described above pages 6-12. The Wadhurst Long Walk option contains the complete directions for an Etchingham to Robertsbridge walk or an Etchingham circular walk and does not require the CW2 Walk 18. The Wadhurst long walk option to Robertsbridge was originally intended to be included in the printed book, but was not completed in time and was subsequently posted on the website soon after the 1st CW2 print edition as a downloadable option. If starting from Wadhurst then yes you would need the CW2 Walk 18 instructions. However the Etchingham start is included in the referenced pdf document.

Anonymous said...

hoping to take the shorter option, is anyone else doing this please?

Anonymous said...

I'm going on the shorter option finishing at Etchingham

Anonymous said... Etchingham to Wadhurst may cover some of the same paths as it also takes you to Ticehurst for lunch in the same pubs.

DAC said...

n=6 of us on a w=glorious_warm_and_sunny_day. A couple did wonder why so few on such a day, but as some of us suspected out enjoying themselves elsewhere at Lewes and Haslemere.

The directions from the east of Bewl Water to Robertsbridge which had not been checked for 12 years held up very well. A plus was finding a tea shop at Orchard Farm not too far from the end of the walk.

(One or two thought the 25km advertised was longer, IMO more due to lunch being about 30% of the way into the walk which makes for a long afternoon. The distance was recorded on the gps as 26km. )