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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Haslemere Circular

CW1 Walk 22 - Haslemere round
Length: 14 km (8.7 miles).
Toughness: 4/10

Catch the 10:00 from Waterloo arrives Haslemere 10:48. (From Clapham Junction: 09:52, arr. Haslemere 10:45)

 A favourite walk of Nicholas's and requested by Josefine who writes:

"Hello Andrew and everyone organising this site. Just to say you do a brilliant and completely professional job with this website and I love it! I am sure many, many people love and appreciate what you and your team do. It adds a wonderful quality to people's lives. That is what the walks meant to me when I went on them every week or almost every week, especially after Nicholas died. But I got out of the routine. There are so many things to do and I still work some weekends. I just looked at the website and am so impressed! It is fantastic!

I am sorry I have not come on walks for years. I am no longer directly involved with the Natural Death Centre, but I do fundraising for them, hold Natural Death Salons at my house and have organised the annual Poetry Challenge. I am a Patron of the NDC now, it is an honorary position. I am so glad the NDC gets much needed support from the walkers! A big thank you for that!

I have been talking with a couple of friends and former Saturday Walkers who walked with Nicholas and me in the '90s to come on a walk. I want do a Haslemere Round walk in May. I will definitely buy you a drink if you or other organisers are on that walk. It should be part of the routine on Saturday Walks, don't you think so?

My best wishes to you, and to all the walkers who remember Nicholas and me.

Hats off to you for a brilliant job to keep this going! Nicholas would be so very proud of what you are doing! I am very proud and very happy about it! THANK YOU!

The Natural Death Centre will be 25 years old on 14 April this year. I am holding a small fundraising event with Rosie of the NDC as a speaker and others to talk about the massive movement and changes that have occurred with help of the NDC since we started. This is a Natural Death Salon NW2 at my house on Sunday 19 June.

If anyone were interested in coming to this or other Natural Death Salons I hold, they are most welcome to contact me. I also host Death Cafes at La Brioche in West Hampstead. There is one on Monday 21 March.

The Saturday Walkers Club must have a 20th anniversary coming up in a couple of years! I hope it continues for a very long time!

All good wishes,

Josefine "



Walker said...

Just for those who do not know, Josefine is the widow of Nicholas Albery, author of Time Out Country Walks Volume 1 and the founder of the SWC. He tragically died in a car accident in 2001.

More on NIcholas and the early history of the club can be found in the HISTORY section on this page

However, you don't have to have known Nicholas to come on this walk. It is a normal SWC walk and anyone is welcome, newcomer or old timers alike

Anonymous said...

is Josephine actually going on this walk ?

Walker said...

She specifically requested it because she said she wanted to do it, so presumably yes

Marion said...

Sorry Josphine but as usual Saturday is my busiest day day at work. Thats why we started the Wednesday mid-week walks for those who can't walk weekends. Now that so many people are freelance or only work part time or have retired, the mid walk walks have really grown in popularity thanks to David Cooke who posted them for 10 years and now Mike Atkinson. Big thanks due to both.

Anonymous said...

n=38 or 39 if you count the dog! Weather was warm, dry and sunny. A great walk as always and a few newcomers as well as some old timers and regulars.