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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Walk 3.20 A lovely ramble in the Sevenoaks Weald and along the Greensand Ridge

Free walk 20 Sevenoaks to Westerham (Bromley South)

Length  18.8km (11.7m);toughness 7/10, quite hilly in places.

Trains: 10.10 London Charing Cross (Waterloo East 10.12), Sevenoaks 10.44.

Return: Catch London Transport bus 246 from Westerham (see walk instructions for details of bus stop location) to Bromley South Station (Zone 5) There are 5 trains an hour from Bromley South Station back to London.

After a short “suburban” section this becomes a beautiful area of undulating fields and farms of quintessentially SE England scenery. There are fine views from the Greensand Ridge.

For more details about the walk and its refreshment options – lunch can be taken at the  Windmill (01732 463330) or the Cock Inn (01732 750310) . Various tea options can be found at Westerham Green near your bus stop.

See here for more information about the walk and click here for full, detailed walk instructions.


BestFootForward said...

Did anyone else do this walk? I got an earlier train so was a half hour ahead and thought that the group would catch me up as I'm quite a slow walker, but I didn't see anyone else. It was a bit damp underfoot, and the hailstorm was a little bit trying, but there was also plenty of glorious sunshine - at one point at the same time as rain and made the cascade of raindrops glitter as it came down through bright sunlight in the woods. This really is a super walk. Lots of variety, stupendous views and the bluebells are coming along nicely - noticeably more out than only two days ago. I enjoyed it so much, I'm going to do it again next week!

BestFootForward said...

PS I saw what appeared to be an albino white deer in a small group of other ordinary brown deer. I've never seen such a thing before - has anyone else seen this?

Walker said...

Glad you enjoyed the walk. You do sometimes get albino deer - hence all the pubs called The White Hart. I saw one once near Cowden. Could even be the same one...

PeteB said...

Just n=2 on this walk and we had just left Knole Park when we were got drenched in a torrential hail/wind storm and we staggered to a nearby cafe packed with many families and young children who had escaped there after abandoning their Easter egg hunt. Warmed by a hot drink we slowly dried off but our enthusiasm for continuing the walk had diminished and with the weather outlook uncertain we decided to improvise a route around Knole Park and thence back to Sevenoaks