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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Saturday First Walk - The River Wey valley, with sandy heaths in between

Book 1 Walk 12 - Farnham to Godalming
Length: 20.6km (12.8 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10

9.23 train from Waterloo to Farnham, arriving 10.25

If you miss this, get the 9.30 Portsmouth train and change at Woking (arrive 9.54, depart 10.00)

From Clapham Junction get the 9.27 to Woking, arrive 9.45, to connect as above.

Buy a day return to Farnham. Past experience has proved that this is valid from Guildford to London, so you need to buy a single from Godalming to Guildford (one stop) on your return (not Godalming to Woking as stated in the walk instructions).

For walk directions click here.

To celebrate the lighter evenings, a longer walk. The pretty morning half of this walk is familiar to me from Farnham Circular walks (combining the morning of this walk with the afternoon of book 2, walk 12). It takes an interesting and gentle route along the upper Wey valley, which usually has good signs of spring.

But it is aeons since I did the standard afternoon, so can't say much about it, except that the walk notes talk of sandy heaths, the Peper Harrow estate, and then a nice walk along the Wey into Godalming.

Lunch is at the Donkey in Charleshill after 5.5 miles, but there is an earlier option at Tilford after 3.8 miles, so before passing the latter, it might be worth phoning the former to check they have space.

Tea in pretty Godalming seems to devolve onto Costa or Caffe Nero, but you may be able to find something more characterful.

Trains back are at 25 and 53 past until 19.53, then 20.29 and hourly at that time thereafter.


Kate said...

I like the sound of this one but is there flooding in the Wey valley at the moment?

Walker said...

Not that I am aware of, no. If you know otherwise, post a link

Anonymous said...

No there isn't flooding in the Wey Valley

JohnL said...

Cafe Mila in Angel Court on the High Street in Godalming, just before Boots is one of the better tea rooms in Surrey with a good selection of home made cakes. Often busy, but usually space upstairs. Closes at 17:00 on Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

n=7 w=sunny-and-warm-a-bit-cloudy-in-the-late-afternoon

If you are looking for a walk that doesn't suffer from mud, this is a good one to do as the soil here seems on the whole to be sandy and dry. There were a few odd muddy patches but they were small and hardly worth mentioning and we arrived at Godalming with boots unscathed.

It was a delightful walk. The sun was out and the celandines on display in the woods and it was warm enough to have lunch in the garden at The Donkey. The donkeys are still there happily munching carrots and send their regards.

Cafe Mila was popular with families but we were ushered upstairs to the "adults only" area. The tea and cakes were very nice.

Anonymous said...

A 3rd pub option for this walk is The Stag on the River at Eashing. It could be a tea stop or an option for lunch if the walk is done in