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Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Monday - Your choice of walks

Since none of the usual walk posters have put up an Easter Monday walk, I thought it might be nice to open the slot to suggestions. These were the ones received


SWC Walk 21 - Sevenoaks Circular
Length: 15.4km (9.6 miles)

"Near London, cheap rail fare, nice walk. No engineering works. No mud."

Lunch at Nat Trust or not useless pub: early start will get ahead of the crush

Train: Cannon Street 10.03 (London Bridge 10.06, New Cross 10.12, Orpington 10.25), arriving Sevenoaks 10.35

Fast trains also depart frequently from Charing Cross

Frequent return trains from Sevenoaks

For walk directions click here.


Book 1 walk 2 - Wanborough to Godalming 
Length: 12km, (7.5 miles)

9:45 train from Waterloo (9.52 Clapham Junction), changing at Guildford (arrive 10.23, depart 10.30), arriving at Wanborough at 10:36. 

Buy a day return to Wanborough. On the return leg you should technically buy a single from Godalming to Guildford.

For walk directions click here

"This walk incorporates fields, forests, and some lovely buildings along the way.  It goes past the Watts Gallery, which is an interesting place to stop, and is open this Bank Monday.  For those interested in Victorian paintings, especially the Pre-Raphaelites (of which I am a fan), this is an interesting little diversion in the middle of a lovely walk near the North Downs."

The lunch pub, the Withies Inn,  appears to be open on Easter Monday: the Watts Gallery cafe is also open, so it is a backup.  

Trains back from Godalming at are twice an hour, at xx:25 and xx:53 with no changes.  


Anonymous said...

Wanborough - Godalming.

At Point 2 in the directions, the path is often so muddy as to be impassable. However, there is a parallel footpath which is drier and which rejoins the route. It is about 200m further along Flexford Rd, just after the stream.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the "no mud" description. There are some muddy stretches.

Unknown said...

Roll call at Sevenoaks of one.No probs getting there is the car from Hastings. The reasons for delays and cancellations at the station included tunnel problems, line fires and trees. Take your pick. Someone was just pressing buttons I think. The sun shone and the puddles glistened. Much muddier than expected. NT cafe at Igtham Mote coped with SWC party of one. Knole House closed due to weather but park was open. Cafe is shut for refurbishment ready for the summer season. Good walk and company!

Anonymous said...

Wanborough to godalming. N=1. Not surprising though as the trains were all messed up and the howling rain and wind during the night. Pretty muddy throughout and I was marching through a small stream at one point. The weather was mostly sunny with two short and light rain showers, but the wind was obnoxious all day. Thanks to the first commenter with the tip about the alternative footpath option. I had to use it, so I really appreciate it. The walk was otherwise lovely, especially the watts gallery and chapel, what a treat! I brought a sandwich so did not stop in at the pub but it was open. However, because godalming apparently doesn't have anything other than a Costa or Nero (not true btw, it had lovely cafes), I chose to have an early tea and cake at the watts gallery which was fantastic. Best Victoria sponge cake I have ever had

Nick said...

Wanborough to Godalming - I was at Waterloo, but couldn't find you as trains were cancelled! (despite accosting several suspects). So effectively the roll call was 2, but I ended up going home and taking a walk up the river Lea to Broxbourne instead.