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Sunday, 28 February 2016

The High Weald

Book 3 Walk 19

Tunbridge Wells Circular – main walk

Length 19.3km (12.0m ); toughness 5/10

Trains:09.55 London Charing Cross (Waterloo East  09.57)Tunbridge Wells 10.51

Return trains xx.09 and xx.39 to London Charing Cross

An interesting walk through parkland, heathland and woods in the High Weald. (There will be some mud I’m afraid but hopefully not too much!)

There are options to shorten the walk should you so wish but you can find further details about the walk, refreshment opportunities  and full walk instructions here. Click on the Main Walk options M  for the version of the walk


David said...

Planning to go. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to go.

David said...

I'm not sure how to leave a report. There was one minor problem with the directions in Section 4 of the walk. Please insert the following: "Ignore the first gap in the hedge and, instead, take the next (smaller) gap in the hedge, go up a few steps and follow the left-hand edge of a second field"

Anonymous said...

but how many walkers were on it?

David Colver said...

I took the train 30 minutes after the scheduled one, and followed the short cut that the write-up suggests gives an opportunity to catch up with the group.

Shortly before arriving at Frant, I saw a group of walkers some distance away. Its appearance was consistent with the SWC. The direction it was approaching, from my left, could not be reconciled to the directions, though it would be consistent with recovering from a confusion over hedge gaps before steps mentioned by David.

Since the spot was very close to the early lunch stop, I went there expecting to be joined by the group. They soon arrived, and hard to tell as it was from the distance, I thought I recognised at least a couple of regulars, but the group made no effort to stop.

So I had a happy lunch anyway in the George Inn, where the welcome was warm, the service rapid, and the roast functional. The place was pretty much full at 1225, and I don't think there would have been room for a larger group.

I looked in later at the later lunch stop, the Nevill Crest and Gun in Eridge Green, which is a much larger place and had plenty of unoccupied tables, but saw no walkers, which was perplexing as it was hard to imagine a group getting served any faster than I had been.

If this was our group, I would say that n=11, including me. w=A_few_early_spots_of_rain_and_some_later_weak_efforts_at_sunshine_with_most_of_the_day_in_between.

At one point in the walk the instructions take one down three or four steps, along a path, then right into woods that lead over a walkway above marshy ground before crossing a stream. The GPX file is inaccurate at this point, and just displays a short direct line between the start and end of this sequence.